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Reading, travelling, exercising, or practicing gratitude : What's your resolution this year ?

9 Best New Year Resolution Ideas


Hello Readers ! I hope you are all doing great. 

As new year is around the corner and we are all super enthralled to welcome this year with immense zeal and exhilaration, and this excitement irrefutably surpasses everything else.  

New year is the advent of new beginnings and new hopes, so we all make some resolutions for the same with a hope that the coming year turns out to be better physically, emotionally, mentally and financially, than the one which has passed. And for a better tomorrow we make some resolutions for the new beginnings and positive changes in our lives. 

Although making a firm decision as a resolution to do or to not do something may vary from person to person and is a very personal choice that we all make in our lives for ourselves, in order to improve our well-being and state of mind for a better and a brighter future. So, keeping that in mind I have come up with 9 BEST NEW YEAR RESOLUTION IDEAS for you all, that are generic and can be implemented by everyone of you in your lives for your betterment. 

If you are looking for some resolution ideas this year and you want to kick start your new year with immense positivity and motivation, then, there you go !! Glue yourself to the screen for the next three minutes and enlighten yourself with these 9 BEST NEW YEAR RESOLUTION IDEAS

Let's get started and crush this together. 


SELF-LOVE - Self-Love is very significant in all the aspects of life and it is the one of the most underrated form of love because people often tend to underestimate the power of it. Self-Love is the amalgamation of both actions and words, that is, how you talk to yourself, what you speak to yourself, how you treat yourself, and how you allow others to treat you, this is all a part of self-love. 

You have to understand that it's very important for you to love yourself, because in your busy lifestyles you often tend to take yourselves for granted to an extent that it hampers your well-being and growth. You have to understand that what you think of yourself should matter to you and there is nobody who can stop you, but yourself. People will say what they have to, they will judge you whenever they want to, but don't let their opinion and judgement of you, wobble you away from your sense of being and loving yourself. 

Love yourself enough so that you can keep your happiness and well-being above all and prioritize your life over everything else and make it a point that, anything that drags you down, should hold no place in your life anymore. 

"No matter what people perceive of me, I will always shine through because I know I am precious and so is my life." - Keep affirming this to yourself, whenever you need to remind yourself that you are enough and worthy of everything that you wish for in life because you love yourself. 

Make a vow to yourself and take a resolution today that you will start loving yourself more, because this will be one of the best decisions that you will make for yourself. 

COMEBACK AFTER A SETBACK - Can you name a single person who hasn't faced a setback in their life. No, Right ? Because there isn't any. Each one of us has faced one, in somewhere or the other way because setbacks, failure, adversities, heartbreak, uncertainties, predicaments, are all part of our lives and life is incomplete without them. 

Failures teaches us things the hard way and yes it's irrefutably true that dealing with it isn't easier either, but what matters is how gracefully we deal with it and come back standing stronger than ever. 
If setbacks pull you down, then only you can pull yourself up, so don't let failures and adversities define who you are, it's your capability of coming back stronger than before and what you do with your life now, is what defines you as a person. 

You have to understand that, it's absolutely ok to sometimes feel anxious, stressed, insecure, negative, and somber because all of this are part and parcel of our lives and the not so good days are not here to stay forever and they too shall pass with time and that's what should keep you going ahead in life. 

Don't let the shortcomings wobble you from your dreams and overpower your sense of well-being and growth. Take your time, face it and deal with it and come back stronger, with adding feathers to your cap and enormous colors to your life. 

Promise yourself today, that no matter how many ebb and flow you come across in your life, you will gracefully deal with them, every single time and just keep moving forward in life. 

PUT A CHECK NEXT TO THE WISH/GOAL/DREAM THAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE IN LIFE - We all have a long list of wishes/goals/dreams that we want to attain in life, that are noted down somewhere in the pages of our dairies, Right !! If not in our diaries, then in our head and heart for sure. Even if it's the little things or the tiniest of dreams, we wish and aspire to attain them because it matters to us and the happiness that we get by achieving them is unparalleled.

Life is too short to waste any time thinking, not this time or may be next time. If you have the will to do it, then do it right there and don't wait for tomorrow to make it happen. Your hard work, perseverance and grit is enough to keep you going and accomplish whatever you have wished for and dreamt of, in life. 

So, take a vow and make a resolution for yourself today, that you will pull out all the stops in accomplishing the goals that you want to, you will fulfill the wishes that you aspire to, and you will achieve all your dreams by converting the possibilities into realities and not avert them for tomorrow, because all you have is now. 

LIVE IN THE MOMENT AND STAY HAPPIER - I strongly feel that in the cacophony of life, we have actually forgotten the real meaning of being happy from the inside. We have all the reasons to stay stressed and troubled, be it our work, relationship, health, emotions, finances because something or the other always keeps us frazzled. 

Yes, stress is a part of life and it will eventually take its toll. But what about being grateful for the little things in life and looking for happiness in the tiniest of moments. It doesn't mean that we don't have to dream big and beyond, all I am trying to say is that, we must live in the present moment and make the most of it and enjoy it to the fullest and look for glee and joy in these little moments of life because they will never come back once they are gone. We keep stressing about the future so much that we actually forget to embrace the present and live happily in the moment. 

Have you ever sat down quietly, just you and the energy around, trying to spend a little time in the moment with yourself, thanking god for every big and small things you have been blessed with in life, If not !! Then kindly do. And thank god every single day for what you are blessed with and then you will know, that you actually have a million reasons to be happy about. 

It's never too late to begin, so make a vow to yourself and let yourself know that you are blessed and god has given you innumerable reasons to be happy about and cherish the present moments in life. 

EMPHASIZE MORE ON READING BOOKS - If you are someone who doesn't read, then you are missing out on something great in life because reading should be one of the most essential part of your lives. As reading introduces you to a world, you have never seen before, a world where you can spend as much time as you want to and embrace the beauty and magic of the cosmos of words of the writer. 

Don't start reading just for the sake of reading it. Some people read books but they learn nothing from it, what's the point then. You don't have want to be that someone, Right !! And some people start reading as a recommendation from a friend or someone else, and if they don't enjoy that book, then they come to a conclusion that they don't enjoy reading. No, that's not how it should be. Start reading, start with the books that you really want to read. Start with something that excites you, to want to read a book and grab more knowledge on a topic or a story of your choice, only then you will enjoy the process of reading, which will eventually develop in you, a liking for it. 

There are innumerable benefits of reading which will inspire you to get you start reading, like it's healthy for your brain, it improves your memory, it reduces stress, it enhances your imagination, it improves your knowledge, it helps you sleep better, it inspires you and a lot more and I have written a blog on the benefits of reading books, so you can check out more on my blog, which will help you understand and imbibe it's benefits and inculcate it in your daily routine as well. 

Make books your best friend and you will thank yourself later, for making one of the best decisions of your life, because the joy of reading will eventually make you fall in love with reading books and embrace the magic that it has. 

EXERCISE AND HEALTHY EATING - I don't have the time to hit the gym or a join a yoga class, I don't feel motivated enough to stay fit, I can't wake up early and exercise, I am a foodie at heart, so I can't give up on my love for food : What's your excuse to not follow a healthy lifestyle, because we often end up making an excuse over -

Not hitting the gym or join a yoga class.
Not waking up early and exercise. 
Not able to follow a healthy lifestyle. 
Making an excuse over eating that extra slice of pizza.
Not following a healthy diet and what not.. 
And at the same time nagging over, not staying fit and healthy. 

The idea is eat clean and healthy and make fitness an integral part of your lives. Try and eat healthy whenever and wherever possible. It's absolutely ok to sometimes have cheat meals, or cheat days, but eating unhealthy most of the time and not exercising at all and having a sedentary lifestyle will hamper your health drastically. 

So, it's high time for you to stop making excuses over not following a healthy lifestyle. Initially it will be a little draining and difficult, and you will feel like giving up on it, but that's when you have to stay strong and determined because once you will start seeing the results of healthy eating and exercising ( walking, jogging, yoga, gym, swimming, cycling...anything of your choice ), you will then start enjoying the journey of following a healthy lifestyle because it will be totally worth every ounce of determination, patience and hard - work that you will put in. 

I am not just saying this just for the sake of it. Being a fitness enthusiast I have understood the importance of healthy eating and exercising, and also, it is a journey, indeed a beautiful one. So, just do it and trust me, once you will start following a healthy routine, you will automatically and irrefutably fall in love with fitness.

So what are you waiting for, start today itself and follow a healthy lifestyle and let this journey of yours influence you to become an inspiration for others as well. 

PRACTICE GRATITUDE - Practicing thankfulness takes away nothing from you, it in fact makes you a little more kind and compassionate towards others and makes you feel at peace. 

As humans we sometimes fail to appreciate what we are blessed with and we are for the most part in our lives running after the things we don't have and in this constant race, we take for granted the things that we have today, instead of being grateful to have them in our lives. Why do we forget that the things that we have today, are the ones that we once prayed for. Just because we have them now, doesn't mean we will value them any less, and instead of being appreciative, we often make the blunder of taking it for granted. 

So, here's how you can practice gratitude, by - 

Thanking god for what you are blessed with. 
Thanking the people in your life who have stayed by your side through thick and thin. 
By not taking your loved ones for granted.
Letting your people know how much you love them and how blessed you are to have them in your life. 
Appreciate the things that others do for you, even if it's the smallest of things, because it is the intention that matters. 
Spread love and kindness whenever you can.

So, be grateful for what you are blessed with and thank god for the myriad blessings that have been showered on you. 

SPEND LESSER TIME ON SMART PHONES - Smart phones have become an essential part of our lives, but are they really that essential they we can carefreely let them hinder and hamper our physical and mental health. All you have to do is, ask the same question to yourself and let yourself know that, is it really worth it ? And you will get your answer. 

Yes it's obvious that we use our smart phones for work.
We use our smart phones to stay aware and gain knowledge. 
When it's essential, it's absolutely fine to spend time over our phones, but unnecessary usage of phone is something that we must definitely avoid. 

The first thing that we check after waking up is our phone and the last thing we check before going to bed is our phone, this habit clearly shows, how dependent we are on our phones and it is not just hampering our sleep cycle and days, but also impeding our health to a great extent. 

It's already high time for us, to bring this new change into our lives, by not spending unnecessary time over our phones, instead use that time over something productive in life and spare ourselves from the harm that it is causing us. 

TRAVEL - Travelling is a beautiful discovery and every time you travel to a new place, it feels like an experience of a lifetime. The More, The Better !! 

It is one of the most thrilling experience you can have in your lives, as it will broaden your horizons and will introduce you to a world you haven't experienced before. Travelling also introduces you to yourself in a much better way, because what you will experience and discover while travelling, cannot be attained by living a life with no travelling experience in it. 

Travelling has a lot to offer and every time you travel to a new place, the experience is all together very exciting and different. Go on a solo trip, and if the idea of a solo trip doesn't excite you, then just go on a trip with your partner, friends or family, but just go and travel !! The idea is to travel and explore the places you haven't traversed before and make the most of it. 

So, take a vow today, that you will not miss out on something that is so exhilarating, something that will give you a great exposure, something that helps you achieve peace of mind, de-stress you and a lot more and most essentially it will give you a million memories to cherish for the rest of your life, not just through pictures, but through the experience that you will gain.

So these are the 9 BEST NEW YEAR RESOLUTION IDEAS that I have written for you all, with a hope that this post will remind of you of the fact that, even a few little good and positive changes in your life, will change you and your life for the better. 

And I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2022 in advance. I hope this year brings you innumerous happiness, love, success and tranquility into your life. 

And kindly let me know in the comments below, what is your take away from my post 9 BEST NEW YEAR RESOLUTION IDEAS

Happy Reading !!

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Readers, hop on !

My post 31 best affirmations to live by, is exclusively for all those who believe in affirmations and try to imbibe them and add them to their life with zest, for a positive change within them and around.

31 best affirmations to live by

Hello lovely people, I hope you are all happy and doing great in life. Today, I have come up with the best affirmations for you all, to add a tinch of self-love, motivation and positivity to your life. 

It's evident that, you all come across posts on quotations, one liners, reminders, life affirmations, while surfing the internet everyday. Some of you might be among those, who read these affirmations but don't imbibe them in their life and some of you might fall under the category of people, who read with an objective of imbibing them and assimilating the learnings of those affirmations, in their lives. 

Reading is great but only when it is done with an objective of deriving something good and positive from it and learning as much as you can from what you read.

Reading ---- Understanding and Imbibing ---- Take away from what is read ---- Put the learnings into action. 

Reading affirmations are meant to inspire us, and bring a positive change into our lives, with a zeal to achieve our dreams and goals and love our self more. 

We all come across situations and circumstances in our day to day lives, where we are often told to not think negative and stay positive. And you might have often heard great people talking about positive thinking and the impact of it on human nature and their lives. But ! But ! But !!! The idea is, to not stay supremely positive all the time, it's ok to feel negative sometimes because it's absolutely natural, because feelings are organic and they come naturally to each of us. 

But what is not ok is, to feel negative most of the time or all the time and look for negativity, even in the positive situations. Thinking and feeling negative all the time, will not just hinder your thought process but will also hamper your well-being and growth in life, because constant negative emotions and feelings will clobber positivity from your life. 

Don't let the negative thoughts wobble you from your goals and dreams, instead work towards converting those negative feelings into a little less negative initially and positive eventually. Trust me it works! I know it will take time, but it is totally worth every ounce of effort. Initially you might find it a little difficult but over a period of time, you will understand, that how a slight change in your thought process, just by shifting your focus on the positive outcomes, instead of the negative ones. You will see in a due course of time, your thought process will become much more positive and in the long run, it will evolve you into a positive thinker.  

A positive person is not someone, who has never come across a negative thought in their head or heart. Even a positive thinker might also think and feel a little less positive sometimes, but what's good about a person with a positive attitude is, they don't let the negative emotions overpower the positive ones, because they always strive for positivity and light, even in the most catastrophic conditions and darkest of nights. 

So, you have to understand that feelings, thoughts and emotions are natural, even if they are not the most favourable and convenient ones. You must know that - 

It's ok to not be ok sometimes.

It's ok to feel drained.

It's ok to be sad.

It's ok to have bad days. 

It's ok to feel lost. 

It's ok to cry.

But what's not ok is, to feel this way all the time and not do anything about it. Just sobbing and nagging over something won't work for you, you have to take an action and work towards overcoming the predicaments and shifting your focus towards the things that matters to you and brings you closer to you, your dreams and your mental peace.  Don't let the negative feelings, thoughts and emotions, overpower your sense of well-being, growth and tranquillity. 

Also, why do you have to waste your time ruminating over, what other people think of you, instead think over, what you think of yourself because that is a real question that you should ponder over. How you see yourself is the real game changer. Be good and right in the eyes of god and yourself and stop deteriorating your energy, thinking over other people's opinion of you because it a waste of time, and the sooner you will understand this, the better it will be for you. 

Isn't it true that we are all so caught up with our monotonous routine in our lives, that it has actually taken a toll over our health, both physical as well as mental. We have all become so driven by everything else in our lives, that we have started taking our health for granted, in spite of knowing that it isn't the right thing to do.

Well there are myriad options that we can adapt in our daily routine, in order to take care of our physical health, like - 

  • Yoga 
  • Walking 
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Running 
  • Swimming
  • Working out at the gym 
  • Healthy eating and adopting a healthy lifestyle

And what about your mental health ? Who is going to take care of it ? Because taking care of both mental and physical health is equally important, and it is something that cannot be taken for granted, because you often tend to do so.

So I have come up with 31 best affirmations to live by, for you all which you can incorporate in your life and keep reminding them to yourself whenever you need to, because no one else is going to do that for you. 


> "I am worthy of everything that I wish for in life."

> "I am making my dreams come true."

> "I am not getting affected by other people's opinion of me."

> "I am loving myself."

> "I am not compromising with my dreams."

> "I am going to walk away from negative people and places."

> "I am not getting wobbled by other people's judgement."

> "I am working hard every single day, to fulfill my dreams."

> "I am not going to lose myself, in my journey of loving someone else."

> "I am staying away from people, who hamper my tranquillity."

> "I am not going to handover the keys to my happiness in somebody else's hand."

> "I am staying away from people who are trying to hamper my growth process."

> "I am valuable, I am important and no one can ever make me feel less of myself."

> "I am taking good care of myself."

> "I am discovering myself and becoming the best version of me."

> "I am overcoming all the hurdles coming my way."

> "I am always looking for a ray of sunshine, even after the darkest of nights."

> "I am never going to compare my life to someone else's."

> "I am making a beautiful life for myself because I deserve it."

> "I am the author of my life."

> "I am never going to give up in life, no matter what comes my way."

> "I am always looking for peace, even in the chaos of things." 

> "I am making myself and my passions a priority." 

> "I believe I am capable of achieving great things in life."

> "I know that god loves me and is watching over me."

> "I am walking away from anything that gives me bad vibes."

> "I am not going to lose myself."

> "I am kind to myself and I am giving myself what I need."

> "I accept and love myself as I am."

> "I am doing everything that makes me happy."

> "I am creating a life, I'm proud of."

I have written this post with a sole purpose of reminding you all, that you are magic and the powers that you have are solely yours, so don't let the magic within you fade away or die. Do what it takes to keep your magic alive and shine as bright as you can.

Keep reminding and keep repeating the following to yourself -

  • "I am worthy"
  • "I am strong"
  • "I am loved"
  • "I am enough"

I hope this post will help you look deep into yourself and find yourself again, if you have forgotten yourself in this journey and taken yourself for granted, because it's never too late to fall in love with yourself and rise in life by fulfilling your dreams and goals and doing what makes you happy. 

Thrive and prosper, beautiful humans!

And kindly add on to my list of affirmations, that you swear by in your life and do let me know in the comments below, how you like my post 31 best affirmations to live by.

Happy Reading !

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This one is a little piece of love as a memento to a love story which is real, but not a reality. 

Memento of Love

Memento of Love 

Together or miles apart,
the love in my heart, will never depart.
You are the one and will always be,
my forever, we were meant to be. 

If not in reality,
then in the books of fiction,
I will keep you alive,
through my words like a benediction. 

From me to you 

This Ecstatic Soul Writes 

Have you heard of true love stories ? Or is your love story a real one ? Or have you just read about them in the books by some greatest authors of all time. Which one are you ? 

I don't know about you all but I genuinely hope for each one of you, to have a real love story of your own and keep it alive till eternity, and experience the purest thing in the whole wide world. 

The myriad feelings, the impeccable memories, the unparalleled emotions, the selfless affection, the magical bonding, and what not, you experience so much at once, that it sometimes feels illusory in the real world. 

If you believe in love, you will then know, that love is everything and everything is love. In a world that is missing out on the biggest miracle in life, needs it and a lot of it. You need love, I need love, we all need love.

Fortunate are the ones, who get to spend the rest of their life with the person they love, and celebrate each moment of their life with them, a life in which they share every moment together. Every ebb and flow you come across in life, seems a little less adverse when you know that you have someone by your side who will stay with you through thick and thin. And then the world seems like a better place to live in because you know you have the love of your life by your side for the rest of your life.  

Not every love story is complete. Some love stories make it till the end but some do not. Some experience the most beautiful bond of togetherness but some do not. Some stay intact till the end of time, but some do not, because not all love stories are the same. Every love story speaks and has something different to say. 

There are also some unprecedented love stories which are so real, that in spite of ending in reality they do not end because the love within, doesn't let it end. That's how true love is, it has no endings and it never dies, and it stays alive in the heart and soul of the lovers, no matter what. True love doesn't fade away with time or distance, it just grows stronger with every passing day and no predicaments in life can ever make it fade away. 

"True love stories have no endings."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

Yes, it's true, some love stories have no endings, because they are real. Distance, time, circumstances, and a lot of different reasons, might grow apart two people but it can never grow apart their souls, because these external factors cannot vanquish the intensity of true love which is within them because love always find it's way. And that's the beauty of true love, it doesn't diminish, it doesn't fade away, it doesn't die, because it doesn't want to. All that it knows is, to get stronger with time.

"True love is that souvenir, that stays with you till the end of time."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

Two souls together from within, yet apart from the outside but still closest to the heart, that's how real love is. When you love someone, that person may not be with you in physical form, you can still love them with all your heart and soul because, if the feelings are real, nothing in the world can make it feel unreal. 

And not everyone is fortunate enough to experience the true feeling and bond of love because not everyone really knows and understand the real meaning of love and what it is to be in love and how does it feel to experience the most beautiful emotion in the world. Being in love and staying till the end takes courage and not everyone has the courage to stay till the end of time, only those who truly love, do. 

"True love is rare and if you have that special someone in your life, hold on to them and never ever let them go."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

We often make the mistake of taking our partners for granted, and not loving them enough, which moreover leads to losing them. So, if you have the love of your life by your side, you are fortunate beyond your imaginations, so don't take them for granted and do whatever it takes to flourish your relationship and cherish them because they are precious.

There are some love stories which are not even blessed with togetherness but because they are so real, that in spite of not being together in reality, the love within doesn't fade away and die, in fact it grows stronger with time and it stays with them till the end of time, because true love is like that. Always and Forever !

Essence of the poem 

This is a little poem that I wrote about love which connotes the intensity of true love, which is beyond the boundation of anything and everything. Believing that nothing in this world can quiver the existence of it, no matter what comes in the way. It will stay alive forever if not in reality, then through the words as a blessing, coming straight from the heart and soul. 

Some love stories have no endings, that is why they are called true love stories.

Because real is rare. So, if yours is real, you are blessed. 

I hope you liked, what you read. Happy Reading!

Kindly drop your feedback in the comments below, on my post Memento of Love

Monday, 11 October 2021


Time teaches you everything that it needs to. It has it's own way of teaching you things, that no one else will.

The Power of Time

Time, your best teacher in life and it is that one thing in your life, that will irrefutably show and teach you things, that nothing in this world can. And the teachings and lessons that time will teach you, will stay with you for the rest of your life.

> Time has a wonderful way of showing you, what really matters to you and what doesn't. With the passage of time, you understand the importance of things that are valuable to you. And with this understanding, you can then make better utilization of your time, by devoting every ounce of your breathe and blood on the things that really matters. 

> Time is immensely precious because the time that you lose, can never be found again, no matter what. Once it's gone, it never comes back. So, instead of regretting later for the time that you have wasted and lost, it is better to make the best use of it in the present moment. Because when it comes to the preciousness of time, it is now or never. 

> Time has it's own way of showing you, who really matters to you and who doesn't, because in the due course of time, time reveals who is the right person in your life and who isn't. We all go through ebb and flow in our lives and time reveals who will stay with us in our days of hardships and who will leave, because it's the difficult times, that reveals the reality of people in our lives.

> We all go through impediments and difficult times in our lives, but how well we cope up with it and embrace ourselves through it, is what matters. Healing takes time, you cannot just heal in a split of second or miraculously overnight. Like one day you wake up and everything is wiped off from your mind and heart, with no bitter memories, no that is just not possible. 

Healing is a process and it will take time. You don't have to rush into forgetting things and move on. You have to give yourself some time, but what you do in the time of your healing process is what matters, because it's the efforts that you make, will make a difference in your life and help you in healing yourself in a better way. And when you will be healed, you will see how beautifully you have evolved. 

> What wonders time can do in your lives is beyond your imagination, because you sometimes underestimate THE POWER OF TIME. You often make the mistake of giving up and losing hope under ordeal circumstances, but instead of giving up during the quagmires, you should think positive and not lose hope, because you never know, what amazing things life might have in store for you.

"Sometimes, the darkest chapters lead you to the brightest end."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes 

Till the time you will not fight your battles, you will not know that life truly is a box of chocolates, and only those get to taste them, who do not give up life and live a life giving the best of their efforts and work hard during predicaments, with a hope that sun will shine brighter after the darkest night. 

> Life is too short to waste time pondering over, what other people might think of you and say. It's your life and only yours, so do what you think is best for you and do what you enjoy doing the most and makes you exultant. Don't get wobbled away from your dreams and goals, instead make the most of your time and pull out all the stops in making your dreams come true and accomplishing your goals. 

"People will say what they want to, all you have to do is ignore them and do what you want to."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes 

> Don't waste time thinking that you have enough time to chase your dreams and goals. If you have dreams to fulfill and goals to accomplish, start that very moment and take every possible step that will bring to closer to your dreams and goals. Don't wait for the right time, whatever time you have, make it right for yourself and do your thing. 

> Whatever time teaches you, never ever let that go in vain, because the teachings of time are like the food for your soul and it adds wisdom to your life. The teachings in life that you learn with time, makes you better and stronger than before and teaches you the most crucial lessons, sometimes beautifully and sometimes the hard way. 

> Your time is precious and so are you and sometimes you might come across people and circumstances in your life, who try to deplete your energy with their actions and words, and try to intervene with your peace of mind, that's when you have to understand and realize that your time is your valuable asset and you cannot let it go in vain because of someone else. 

"Liars gonna lie

Haters gonna hate

All you have to do is,

work hard and have faith."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

> Every relationship requires time. Spend your time with those people who love you unconditionally and not with those who put conditions first, before loving you. Because that is not what love is. Love is not about conditions, and if you ever come across a situation where you have to fulfill some conditions for love, get rid of them as soon as possible because you are wasting your time and energy on the wrong person.  

Don't waste your time on those who love you and spend time with you, when the conditions are right for them. Instead spend your time with those who love you and stick by you through thick and thin. 

Spend your time with the people who matter to you, because it takes time for a relationship to grow and flourish. 

> Who you spend your time with and is of great value to you. Instead of making the blunder of wasting your time, on the people who are not good for your well being and mental peace, spend your time with those who do no try to deplete your energy and don't make you question your life decisions and choices with their judgements. 

Spend your time with people who have a positive approach towards life and with those, who talk about dreams, goals, growth and success and spare no effort in fulfilling them. This will inspire you to never stop endeavoring in life and move heaven and earth in chasing your dreams. 

>Nothing is permanent in this world, just like the good days, even the not so good days are not here to stay forever. So never ever lose hope in life. Hope is permanent, and it should always be. No matter how many curve balls life throws at you, you don't have to give up in life because you should know that time will change no matter what comes your way.

Just like after the dark night, the advent of gleaming sun brings hope of new day, in the same way the changing times after the adversities, brings opportunities and hope of a better and a brighter tomorrow. 

> The only constant thing in this world is, the changing time, because time never remains the same, it keeps changing, no matter what. So before its too late, start utilizing your time and understand the significance of it and value it and make the most of it in the present moment and live your life to the fullest. 

> Time is valuable because once it is gone, it can never come back. So, leave no stone unturned to live the life of your dreams and make the best of time and value every single moment of your life. 

I have come up with some pointers on THE POWER OF TIME, that you must takeaway from this post. 

~ Time is the best teacher in your life. 

~ Time helps you in becoming stronger than who you were yesterday.

~ Your growth depends on how effectively and efficiently you utilize your time.

~ Time helps you in flourishing your relationships.

~ Your time is precious, so don't waste it living somebody else's life. 

~ Time waits for no one in this world. 

~ Time reveals who are the right people for you and who aren't. 

~ For some things there is no right time, whatever time you have, just make it right. 

~ Time, once it is lost, you can never get it back. 

~ What keeps you busy is what you have chosen for yourself, so choose wisely. 

~ Your time is precious, so make sure you spend it with people who value their time and yours. 

~ What you do with your time, is what makes you great or ordinary.  

~ Time shows and teaches you everything. 

~ If you know the value of time and live by it, you will be set free then.

~ Time can heal you only when you will make a genuine effort towards healing yourself.

~ How you manage your time, defines who you are as a person. 

~ Time is impeccably valuable. 

~ You might get tired and take a halt but the clock won't. 

Every single person on this planet gets 24 hours in a day throughout their life. So what you do in those 24 hours every single day, how you spend the 1440 minutes of your time everyday and who you spend it with, is what will make a difference in your life. 

It's your time, own it like you were meant to and shine with dazzling colors. 

A Little Reminder From Me To You - Make a vow to yourself, that you will commit to and live by the affirmation of embracing the value and power of time. 

Kindly feel free to add pointers from your end on my post, THE POWER OF TIME and give your feedback in the comments section below on the same.

Thursday, 7 October 2021


Hello lovelies !

It's time for you to fly, so unfold your wings and fly as high as you want to. 

She is free

She is loving 

She is caring 

She is funny 

She is daring

She is quirky 

She is moody

She is playful

She is carefree

Let her, be her. 

If you love her, then don't try to change her.

Let her breathe

Let her live

Set her free and let her be. 

From me to you 

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

She is who she wants to be. Her willingness to be who she is, is what defines her. The world that we live in, sometimes compels her to be something she is not. And that's when her determination and courage to be herself, sets her free because that is when she decides for herself, that it's her life and no one can define who she is, what she should do and how she should be living it.

A world that we live in, is constantly fighting a battle over what a woman can do and what a woman can't and moreover it has laid a huge impact in the lives of women, because they are constantly judged by some people no matter what they do. So the problem lies in the thought process of the people who are regressive thinkers and who think that women cannot live a life on their own terms. 

Why only women !

Why are women considered to be the idol of renunciation ?

Why is the burden of compromises and adjustments laid down on her, as if she was born to make sacrifices all her life. 

Why are norms still imposed on her. 

Why can't people let women be herself. 

Why can't women live a life on their own terms. 

Why can't women be free.

We all deserve to live a life with our own free will, and so are women. Women deserve freedom and every bit of it, so that they can live an independent life, wherein they can freely breathe and live a carefree life and just be themselves, without the imposition of something uncalled for. 

"A woman sets herself free, the moment she decides to be herself and live a life set by her own standards and creates an identity of her own."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

In a world that is constantly trying to change her into something she is not, every women deserves to be free, free from the baggage of other people's decisions and opinions being imposed on her. It's her belief in herself and her perseverance, that doesn't let her wobble away from her self-being and her self-worth. 

Women deserve to live a life on the basis of the standards they have set for themselves and nobody has the right to build standards for her and decide what she is worthy of and what she is not. It is her eminence that will take her places and let her succeed in life, and not the preconceived notions and standards that have been imposed on her.

And when she decides to be herself in this factitious world, nothing can stop her then. Her willingness and willpower to create an identity of her own, is what sets her free. 

"Love is freedom and it sets you free, and if it doesn't set you free, it isn't love." 

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

Love is irrefutably the most beautiful emotion one can have and if you really love her and never want to lose her, then set her free and let her be. Because that is how it should be. Love is freedom, and it is not about staying locked in a cage, rather it is the freedom to fly high in the sky. Just like every caged bird wants to come out the cage it has been immured in, because freedom is what they long for. 

Some people haven't understood the meaning of love yet, because they often make the mistake of trying to change women and that constant expectation from her, to be as they expect her to be, is not what love is. Because if you genuinely love her, you would not want her to change, as per your convenience and expectations because that is not what love is. 

Love is accepting and admiring someone as they are and not as you expect them to be. Love is letting them be themselves. Just let her be herself and see how beautiful the world turns out to be for her and for you as well. 

The constant approach of changing her into a version, preferable to you, is not what love is. Because love is not a game that you can play whenever you want to and get rid of it as per your will. That is not how it is. It is like worshipping the almighty with all your heart and pure faith, only then it can prosper and flourish.

"Her wings are invisible, but not her potential because she is meant to fly." 

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

She is everything that she could be, and there is fire in her desire to be herself in a world that is constantly trying to change her into something she is not. Her potential to live a life of her own, independently and freely is what makes her, who she is. 

You might not see her wings because they are invisible, but her real wings are her strength, her capability, her belief, her perseverance, her willpower, her courage to not give up in life and strive for what she wants to attain in life and live freely and fly high, in spite of the impediments in life that come across her way. 

"Don't try to cut her wings because she is born to fly."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

She has the power to do whatever she wants to and the potential to be whoever she wants to be. And nothing can ever stop her from being what she desires to be, because the warrior in her doesn't let her give up in life. The storms that come to disrupt her life, end up building her into a better and stronger version of herself. 

No matter how long you try to cage her into your regressive thought process and the burden of your unfair expectations, she knows how to break the cage and free herself from everything that tries to pull her down and hamper her journey to freedom, because she is born to fly. 


She is free to live a life on her own terms.

She is free to fulfill her dreams.

She is free to leave people and places, if it tries to muddle up with her identity and peace.

She is free to be herself. 

She is free to fly high and touch the sky. 

A Reminder From Me To All You Dear Women - You are what you want to be, and not what others want you to be, because you are free. And it's your freedom that defines you. So, fly high because you deserve to. 

A Reminder From Me To All of You - Just for once keep yourself at her place and try to live her life, only then you will know, what it takes to be a woman in the world that we live in.

So, let her live her life. Because -

"She is who she wants to be and not what others want her to be."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes.

Kindly let me know in the comments below, how you like my post SHE IS FREE

Sunday, 26 September 2021



This post is a dedication from a daughter to all the daughters, to let you all know, that you are precious.

Daughters Are A Blessing

Daughters, the most beauteous creation of god, and god created you because he wanted humans to believe in miracles and witness the miracle on earth in front of their eyes in the form of human as daughters, the most precious ones. 

You are called angels, not just for the sake of being called one, but you truly are an angel in the lives of the people you are in, and your existence is enough to bring a smile on the face of your loved ones.

"Daughters are angels on earth, in the form of humans to perform miracles."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

You are beautiful, because you are you, and don't let anything or anyone on this earth change that for you. I want to redefine the definition of beautiful for you, to let you know that :

You are beautiful, because you are fierce and strong.

You are beautiful, because you are real. 

You are beautiful, because you are brave and powerful. 

You are beautiful, because you are independent. 

You are beautiful, because you are quirky and flawed. 

You are beautiful, because you dare to dream. 

You are beautiful, because you believe in yourself.

You are beautiful, because you value love.

You are beautiful, because you make your dreams come true.

You are beautiful, just the way you are. 

Daughters, the most precious creation and god's greatest blessing in the lives of the parents. To a father, 

She is a mother, when it comes to taking care of him.

She is a friend, when it comes to playing a sport with him.

She is a teacher, when it comes to teaching the nitty gritty of technology to him.

She is working partner, when it comes to handling work with him.

And to a mother,

She becomes a friend, who guides her.

She becomes a parent, when it comes to taking care of her.

She becomes a working partner, when it comes to helping her in work. 

She becomes a teacher, when it comes to teaching her the basics and essentials of technology.

She becomes a mentor, in guiding and motivating her mother to follow her dreams. 

That's how beautiful and loving a daughter is. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to bring a smile on her parents face, and knowing that she is the reason behind those happy and content faces, makes her the happiest person on earth. 

It's a benediction to the soul of the one's who are blessed with a daughter in their life. Because the myriad love of a daughter for her parents and the love of parents for their daughter is unparalleled, and nothing can ever compare to that.

To all the Dear Daughters,

You are magic. You are life. You are god's child. You are everything a parent aspires from a child and you are irrefutably the most miraculous creation of god, and if you ever have a doubt about that, kindly ask your dad, because you mean the world to him. 

I don't know if you get to hear this often, but I want to tell you all as a daughter, that I am proud of you all, because I know life hasn't been a walk on the cake for you and things haven't been easy and you have been facing challenges throughout your life, but in spite of the onerous circumstances and hardships, you every time came back stronger than ever, and that is what makes you a warrior, who in spite of the predicaments in life, didn't lose hope and kept working hard. 

No matter how many curve balls life throws at you, don't ever question your strength, because you are stronger than you know you are. Even the setbacks couldn't hamper your growth process, because you stood strong and you didn't let them wobble you. The strength that you have within yourself is indubitably the greatest one, and nothing in this world can ever surpass that. 

You were sent on earth to make miracles happen, because god believed in you. So, no matter what comes your way, through every ebb and flow you come across in your life, you don't have to stop believing in yourself, instead follow your dreams and accomplish the goals that you want to attain in life. 

Do what makes you happy, because you deserve every bit of happiness in your life. From what you were to where you are now, has taken every ounce of your breath and blood to build you back into a stronger version of yourself. You deserve happiness in your life, and anything which holds you back from the happiness that you are worthy of, shouldn't be a part of your life anymore. 

Live your life the way you want to, because it is your life and no one else's and you are answerable to no one for living the life the way you want to. You deserve a life brimmed with myriad love, care, happiness, peace, respect and everything that you wish for in your life. 

In this journey of life, don't take yourself for granted and love yourself enough because you owe yourself the love and care and prioritize your feelings over what people think of you, because it's your life and the only person who has the right over your life is you and only you. So, love yourself every single day and respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that makes you compromise with your worth, your values and your self-respect. 

You will often come across people in your life, who will hinder your growth process and will try to  stagger you away from your goals and dreams, that's when you have to, not let the opinion, words and actions of others, deviate you from your goals and dreams and show them, that you can pull out all the stops and move ahead in your life and eventually bring yourself closer to what you want to achieve in life.  

You are a warrior, who has a strong personality with the power and ability to speak for herself and live a life with utmost dignity and honour. And no one can ever shake or break you down, because you are blessed by the almighty. 

"Oh beautiful women, unfold your wings and fly high."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

A virtual hug to all the daughters.

Lots of love

From me to you

( "Betiyan paraya dhan nahi, betiyan mata pita ka maan hoti hai, woh parayi kaise kehla sakti hai, jabki unse zyada apna koi nahi hota, mata pita k liye." )

We live in a society, where few people still call their daughters "paraya dhan". Anyone who thinks, that a daughter is a paraya dhan and her real home is that of her in - laws, is so not the right thing to say and believe in. Because that's not how it is. Our daughters are our pride and not paraya dhan, so kindly stop treating them like one, be it the family that is born in or the family that she will move in after marriage. 

We are all equals and we are entitled to the human rights equally. Every daughter needs to be empowered, because she is entitled to the basic human rights, without any kind of discrimination. She has the right and she is free to choose what is right for her and what is not.

She has the right to speak and a right to have a say in the society. 

She has the right to fulfill her dreams.

She has the right to live a life, the way she wants to live.

She has the right to make her own choices and decisions.

She has the right to be treated equally, because she is entitled to the basic human rights. 

So, let's take a vow to treat every human being equally, irrespective of their gender and wish all the daughters not just a happy but an empowering daughters day and let us all celebrate together the beauty of empowerment. 

I wish all you beautiful daughters a very Happy and Empowering Daughters Day 2021

From a daughter to another.

Here are a few heartfelt messages and wishes that you can send to the beloved daughters to let them know they are precious and thank them for being the most wonderful part of your lives. 

To a daughter who has always stood up for herself, Happy Daughters Day Love. 

Happy Daughters Day to the warrior, who didn't give up, in spite of the ups and downs in life. 

Thank you for adding colors to our life little angel, Happy Daughters Day. 

Happy Daughters Day to the world's best daughter, you are the best daughter one could ask for. 

To the sunshine of our life. Happy Daughters Day. 

Happy Daughters Day to the one I am proud of. 

Happy Daughters Day to our darling princess. Thank you for bringing immense joy to our life.

Happy Daughters Day precious. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us. 

You are born to shine princess. Happy Daughters Day. 

Happy Daughters Day to the most beautiful person I know. 

Kindly let me know in the comments below, if you resonated with my words on the post DAUGHTERS ARE A BLESSING

Sunday, 19 September 2021


Hello Readers! 

As we all know that love is a part of our life and so are the relationships. And our true assets in life are the relationships and the love and respect, that we have earned in our lives. 

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships

The life that we are living today, we are all so caught up that we have actually started ignoring the value of love and the loved ones in our lives, and we have started taking love for granted to an extend that, two minutes of quality time, out of love and care, is sometimes what we crave for in a relationship.  

Every relationship, be it any sort of, needs to have a few essential things to let it sustain, grow and flourish. And every individual might have a different say on what they expect from a relationship, but there are a few basic things without which, a relationship cannot prosper. 

I have come up with a few quotations for you all, which will help you understand the basic things without which a relationship is incomplete and cannot blossom.

So, let's get started!


1. "Love doesn't need a voice that speaks. All it needs is a heart that beats."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

2. "Rise in love, because that's how love exactly is. When in love with the right person, you rise in life as well."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

3. "The right one's, upgrade you and the wrong one's, degrade you. Always remember this."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

4. "Some people come into your life, just to teach you, what love is not. And when that happens, I hope you know when to walk away."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes 

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

5. "Sometimes it's the silence that speaks a thousand words."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

6. "If they try to break you down, show them what strong is."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

7. "The right people will listen and understand you differently."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes 

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

8. "If it doesn't brings you happiness and peace, then you probably are at the wrong place or with the wrong person."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

9. "Two people won't be together, if they are meant to be. They will be together, if they want to be."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes 

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

10. "It is impossible for you to love someone and not respect them. If you don't respect them, it's obvious that you don't love them either."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes 

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

11. "It's not about you or me. It's not about he or she. It's about equality." 

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes 

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

12. "True love is rare and if you have that special someone in your life, hold on to them and never ever let them go."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

13. "If your relationship doesn't make you a better person, you probably are with the wrong person." 

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

14. "Time tells you everything that it needs to. It has it's own way of telling you some things, that no one else will."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

15. "Having that one person in your life, to whom you can speak your heart out, is a blessing."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

15 Quotes To Remember On Love And Relationships, Quote by This Ecstatic Soul Writes

I hope you enjoyed reading these quotations on love and relationships. The reason behind sharing these quotes with you all, is to let you all know that, rise in love and nourish your relationship with the goodness of love, respect, trust, care, honesty, understanding and everything else that helps you flourish your relationship. But if you are in a relationship, where you have to compromise with your self-respect, your worth, your dreams, your well-being and values, it is better to choose yourself, and walk away in peace and move ahead in your life. 

Rise And Shine!

And kindly let me know in the comments below, how you like my post 15 QUOTES TO REMEMBER ON LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS


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