Sunday, 18 July 2021


This post is about the power of BELIEF and how it works to manifest our wishes and dreams.



Thinking of manifestation, the first thing that comes to my mind is the dialogue, spoken by Shah Rukh Khan in the movie Om Shanti Om.

"Kehte hai agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh puri kaayanaat usey tumse milaane ki koshish main lag jaati hai."

( They say, if you want something with all your heart, then the entire universe works, to help you get it. )

And this is what manifestation is. If you genuinely with all your heart and soul want to achieve something in life, then foremostly you must believe in it, and if your intention is right, your heart is pure, your love/passion is true and real, your thoughts are positive, your belief is one hundred percent, then even the universe will leave no stone unturned to fulfill your wishes.

Every single human being wishes for something or the other in their lifetime. And our wishes are never ending. After one wish is fulfilled, the next is born and it goes on and on. Wishes are a part of our life and so is the belief. 

At every age and stage of our life, a new wish takes birth. In fact our wishes take birth every single day, every single hour, and they keep on increasing, shifting and changing with time. That's how it works for us. We human beings and our desires, there is no end to it. 

If you are whole heartedly and genuinely trying to manifest something, first and foremostly you have to believe in it with all your heart. If you pray for a wish to come true, and you don't make any efforts to make that wish come true, it wont work. Just praying isn't enough, you have to sincerely believe in what you are praying for and make sincere efforts with positivity and truthfulness in your head and heart and the right intention and purity in your heart, only then manifestation works for what you are praying for. 


It's your belief that makes your wishes come true. If you do something to achieve in life, without believing in yourself it won't work for you, because your belief comes from within. If you won't believe in what you are praying for, you won't give your hundred percent, how will your efforts work then. It's the belief that's the key to the fulfillment of your wishes. And once you understand the meaning of sincere belief, even the universe will stand by your side through every ebb and flow you go through in your life and will move mountains to fulfill your wishes.

Right and Ethical Intention

God bless those, whose intentions are ethical and right. Your wishes will come true and you will definitely achieve your goals in life, if they are right and morally correct. If you want to achieve something in life, give it your best, the best efforts, dedication, hard work, discipline and the right intention, then just see how the universe will pull out all the stops to fulfill your dream and with god's blessing, nothing can stop you then, just give it your best and go for it and make your dreams come true and fulfill all your wishes and see how the entire universe works for you to help you get it. And yes it's true that people still do unethical and morally incorrect things and achieve things in life, but they are not right in the eyes of god and universe has no role to play in their part of the story. 

Pure Heart 

You will become god's favourite child if your heart is clean and pure with righteous deeds. With the right intention and purity in your heart, your belief in whatever you wish for will come true because god will never leave your hand and will fulfill your wishes if it has been made with purity in your heart. A person's whose heart is pure automatically receives god's blessings and the universe spares no effort in the fulfillment of your dreams and wishes. 

Positive Thinking 

A lot of things that keep going on in your head and heart, know a way of working themselves out if you just remain positive and don't let negative thoughts wobble you from your wishes and dreams. A positive approach towards life can change the entire game. And an optimist's greatest strength is that they can keep the negative thoughts away and not let those negative thoughts hinder their belief in what they pray for. 

Fill up your mind with positive thoughts and emotions with the belief that whatever hard work you have done so far will pay off and your efforts will fulfill your dreams and desires. This belief of positivity will attract positivity around you and then even the universe will leave no stone unturned in fulfilling your wishes. Because of your belief and positivity you will attract positivity and the results of your positive thinking will also be positive. 

True Love / Real Passion

That is the power of manifestation. Just like Paulo Coelho quoted in one of his novel, The Alchemist - I love you because the entire universe conspired, to help me find you. When love is true from both the sides, then even the universe works for you to get what you need. Only true love gives that strength and ability to fight against all odds and it's the power of true love and belief, that even the universe endeavors to bring the loved ones together, overcoming all the ebb and flow. 

If your passion is real, and your hard work, dedication, patience, and perseverance is one hundred percent, no matter how many curve balls life throws at you, with your real passion, even the universe will help you fulfill your dreams. 


If you want to achieve something in life with all your heart and soul, then give your best in it, your efforts, your passion, your love, your intention, the purity in your heart, your positivity, your belief, your hard work, your dedication, if all of this is one hundred percent, and with your sincere belief in yourself, even the universe will be with you then, and gift you the box of your dreams and happiness. 

Don't let the faith within you, fade away. Keep believing.

Do you believe in manifestation too, just like I do. Kindly give your feedback in the comments section below on my post BELIEF.


  1. Thanks for sharing so much positivity❤️

  2. True.... Keep up the good work... 🥰🥰

  3. Amazing content! You deserve alot more views 😇

  4. sneha.sinha781@gmail.com19 July 2021 at 14:42

    Beautiful written ❤

  5. Absolutely wonderful words. Wishing you all the best for 2021 and beyond.

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