Thursday, 8 July 2021


This post is about the disparity between LOVE and HATE. And how it impacts human nature and their lives. 

Dichotomy of love and hate


The petals of rose

The drops of rain 

A ray of sunshine

And everything sane.

The thunderstorm 

The hurricane 

The volcano eruption 

Was all insane. 

The dichotomy of love and hate is just the same. 

From me to you

- This Ecstatic Soul Writes

One brings you sanity and the other brings you closer to insanity. That's how LOVE and HATE are. The two antithetical with the most powerful emotions. And what you choose for yourself and others, will depend on you.

LOVE is the most beautiful emotion one can have and the most ethereal feeling in the world. It brings you closer to god, sanity, the person you love and yourself.

Rose, a symbol of love, admiration, peace, gratitude, purity and everything that has positivity to it, symbolizes rose and it's beauty. Just is the case of love, love is as pure as it could be, it signifies the positivity in one's nature and life with the attributes of admiration, respect, gratitude, and peace. As soft as the petals of rose, the feeling of LOVE, softens your heart and the emotions that it brings with itself, bringing elation into your life.

As the little drizzles of rain drops fall on earth, brings the hope of a cooler and calmer weather and it brings life to nature in a better way. Similarly LOVE brings hope into our lives. The hope of speaking our heart out, the hope of being organic, the hope of being understood, the hope of mutual respect and care, and the hope of everything sane that's meant to be in a relationship, with the hope that this is meant to be till eternity. As hope is permanent and should always be. 

We all need a constant in our lives, which is as constant as the sunrise, because sun is a constant, and so is it's shine. We all seek for that one person sticking by our side for the rest of our lives, no matter how many ebb and flow life will have, no matter what the circumstances are, that one constant person is all we need in our lives. 

LOVE brings stability into our lives. It makes us want to become a better person, not just for the people we love but also for ourselves, because it brings out the best in us. It is a growth, and as love grows between two individuals, they also grow as a person. And with the growth of LOVE in our lives, it's tranquility grows with itself.

The thunderstorm, the hurricane, the volcano eruption was all insane, that's how HATRED is. Far away from sanity and the closest to insanity. 

Just how the natural calamities bring destruction and chaos in nature, In the same manner HATRED does to the person and their lives. It brings out the worst in them causing devastation within themselves and the people around. As it is the most negative emotion one can have, it causes ruination inside out. And the insanity that it brings with itself is irretrievable. 

Even in the most catastrophic conditions, never choose animosity. It's ok if you can't choose LOVE, but don't choose animosity either. Just let it go. Let go of all the burden of negative thoughts and emotions. Once you choose to let go, let love and tranquility enter into your life and embrace it to the fullest. 

HATE is that emotion, which will cause the most damage to the hater. It's so mentally tarnishing to hold onto the negative emotions and bitterness in your head and heart. Don't bog yourself down with it. Instead the best thing that you can do for yourself is to get rid of all the burden of bitterness, and breathe the freshness and purity of LOVE and then you will know how beautiful life is. 

Choose LOVE over HATE. The bond of LOVE you build through your journey, is the real treasure of life. Always and Forever!

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And don't forget to keep radiating shine and love.


  1. I wish i could write like you. Very well explained❤️

  2. Very nice lines dear 😘😍

  3. Beautifuly explained πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. Wow amazing 🀩 you are like an ocean of thoughts..! Every time you surprise me πŸ‘

  5. Beautifully explain each and every Emotions❤️

  6. Explained each emotions very well..
    Keep it up..πŸ‘

  7. It's wonderful Konica moreover love and hate both causes pain and i think it's better to be in heart by being loved.



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