Friday, 30 July 2021


A vow to a healthier, happier and a peaceful life. 


Have you guys heard people saying you, in your days of hardship - It's ok, It happens, It's normal,  Forget it, Let go and Move on, as if it's as easier as eating an aloo paratha (Potato stuffed flat bread). Isn't ? Have you guys been hearing the same. I'm sure on the inside you want to say them, kindly keep yourself at my position and then comment on my situation and on the outside you would just say, yes ok I'm trying. Thank you. I am sure, you all must have heard this at some point in your life and you will certainly resonate with my words.

It doesn't mean that your close and loved ones are saying and comforting you just for the sake of it. No that isn't the case, they obviously love you and want to see you happy, that is why they are trying every bit to enliven you and make you feel better. But what I am trying to say is that, what you go through in your life, no one better than you can understand you and your afflictions. Because it's not difficult for others to comfort you, but it's difficult for them to exactly put themselves in your shoes and associate with you in the exact same way as your situation is. No one better than you will understand your condition because you are in that situation physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. 

Yes life is tough and it will irrefutably be for you and me. And I'm not saying that you have to rush into forgetting things and move on. No, that's just not possible for any one of us. We are all humans and we all need our own time to heal, because healing is a process and it will take time. Some might take lesser time, some might take more, but that's completely ok, we all have our own journey and experiences and everyone's way of dealing with intricated situations and circumstances is not the same. We are all different, so the time we take to heal ourselves will also be different. 

Healing is not something that will happen overnight. Like one day you just wake up in the morning, and everything is wiped off from your mind and heart, with zero memories of the past, it's just not possible. It's a process and every individual will take their own time to imbibe the situation, understand it and accept it gracefully. 

Make sure you are not just trying to rush into forgetting things and move on because that is just not possible. No matter how much you try to forget things, some thing or the other will bring a flashback of the bitter memories you are trying to run away from. And more essentially learn to forgive because the act of forgiveness will calm you down and that will be for the sake of your own mental peace and well being. So instead of rushing into forgetting things, ignoring and running away from facing the harsh situations and holding on to the burden, you should -

Try to accept the situation as it is, because it cannot be altered or changed.

Don't rush into forgetting things.

Take your time.

Change your thought process.

Think positive.

Stay determined and have patience.

Always look at the bright side in life. 

Don't run away from facing the situation, instead face it like a warrior and deal with it.

Develop the attitude of forgiveness, for the sake of your own mental peace. 

Stay strong, no matter how many ebb and flow come your way.

Don't lose hope.

Because this is what will work for you, rather than sobbing over the not so good days. Your mental and emotional determination of letting go of the things that are holding you back will help you get over the things that are muddling up with your mind and heart. When you will realize that you have had it enough and now it's time for you to get rid of all the accumulated emotions and baggage of the past, that conviction will definitely be a game changer for you and nobody can stop you then. Then you just have to get ahead with your life and do what makes your soul happy and content. 

H - Hope (of a better future).

E - Enlighten (educate and uplift yourself through this unpleasant experience, and take it as a lesson for the future).

A - Accept (the hardships).

L - Learn (from the not so good experiences in life).

I - Inculcate (infuse in your mind and heart that it's ok that something unfortunate happened and take it as a learning for the future).

N - Nurture (yourself with the goodness of what makes your soul elated and peaceful).

G - Grow (every single day, with every small experience of your life be it good or not so good).

It's true that healing takes time depending upon person to person. But what you do during that period of time is what matters more. You will not heal just by saying, I WILL HEAL WITH TIME, no that won't happen, if you won't make it happen. You have to make an effort to heal yourself. What efforts you make will vary from person to person, but an effort has to be made in order to heal yourself with time. Like -

Follow your hobbies.

Surround yourself with positive people in a positive environment.


Mindful thinking.

Make productive utilization of your time.

Start working on your dreams day and night.

Spend time with your loved ones and pets.

Practice gratitude and forgiveness.

Go easy on yourself.

Don't let negative thoughts wobble you from your goals.

And a lot more varying from person to person.

The ability, process, time and way of healing will be different for every other individual, but only you can do that for yourself. Even if others try to comfort you and relate with you, it doesn't really make much difference, what will make a difference is, your own strength and dedication to deal with the situation and once you make up your mind, no body can stop you then and pull you backwards. 

Nothing is permanent in this world, just like the good days, even the not so good days are not here to stay forever. All you have to do is not lose hope. Hope is permanent, and it should always be. No matter how many curve balls life throws at you, you don't have to give up, you have to get up, accept the situation, understand it, deal with it gracefully and most essentially start working on your dreams every single day, with a hope that life has bigger and better things planned for you. And once you will be healed you will gradually develop into a better version of yourself and you will evolve beautifully. 

A LITTLE REMINDER FROM ME YOU - Life is beautiful, embrace it gracefully and don't forget to love yourself. And make a vow to yourself that you will live a happier, healthier and a peaceful life. 

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  1. So true..
    Healing requires self ❤

  2. True dear n so good πŸ‘πŸ˜

  3. So true... I too connect with your thoughts.

    1. I'm glad you resonated with my thoughts!
      Thank you very much Astha ❤️

  4. Amazing.... Keep enlightening us.

  5. Sometimes I wonder where do you get these thoughts from 😯 such a talented writer you are!! ☺️ Awesome!!

    1. Thank you very much for the appreciation Ravi!
      Means a lot ❤️



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