Sunday, 4 July 2021


This post is entirely about LIFE and it's AFFIRMATIONS. A commitment to a happier and a peaceful life.

Life Affirmations

An AFFIRMATION on LIFE from me to each one of you that you are all special, in fact very special and god has sent you into this world for a purpose, and you can not disappoint the almighty after all. Right isn't it! 


What is meant to be will always find it's way, even if the scorching shadows come in the way. 

When nothing feels right just hope and pray, because forever, it's not going to stay. 

When love doesn't feel like love today, let it die or let it fade away. 

Life my friend is a beautiful stage, now or never, the decision is yours to make. 

From me to you

- This Ecstatic Soul Writes

I know it's easier said than done, but the best decision you will ever make for yourself is to start loving yourself and stop being too harsh on yourself and don't let the opinion of others wobble you from your goals. It's your LIFE and the only person who has the right over your life is you and only you. Don't let others remote control you, your emotions and decisions. The key to your LIFE and it's happiness should only be handed in your hands. And no matter what comes your way, how difficult the situation is, giving up and losing hope should never be an option. 

LIFE is tough and it will obviously be for you and me. And I'm not trying to say that you have to rush into forgetting things and move on. No, that's just not possible. We are all humans and we all need our time to heal, because healing is a process and it will take time. Some might take lesser time, some might take more, but that's completely ok, we all have our own journey and everyone's way of dealing with circumstances and situations is not the same. We are all different so the time we take to heal ourselves will also be different. 

We have to learn to stop giving a reaction to everything, don't get affected and controlled by what people do and say. If someone says something wrong or bad, it's ok. Just breathe and ignore because their words and actions reflect their personality, not ours.  

And one thing that I have realized over a period of time is that, no matter how much others try to explain you or comfort you, it really doesn't make much of a difference. Yes it might help you temporarily but it will not work permanently for you. What will work for you is your mental and emotional determination of letting go of things that are holding you back and move on. The day you will realize that you have had it enough and now it's time for you to get rid of all the accumulated emotions from your mind and heart, that conviction will definitely be a game changer for you and nobody can stop you then. Just get ahead with it and don't look back. 

What's meant to happen in our lives, it definitely will, no matter how many obstacles come our way, we will overcome all these hurdles and shine. Because life is like that, it's never going to be easy, it's just that with time, we become stronger than before. LIFE is a great teacher, and there is so much to learn every single day, every single moment and convert our dreams into reality. 

Nothing is permanent in this world, just like the good days, even the not so good days are not here to stay forever. All we have to do is not lose hope. Hope is permanent, and it should always be. There comes a situation in LIFE when nothing feels right and things don't work out the way we expected them to, but that's when we have to calm ourselves down and not give up and accept the situation, hoping that life has bigger and better things planned for us.

We all know that love is one of the most ethereal emotion one can have. It's one of the most secured feeling in the world. But if it doesn't feel the same anymore, it's better to let it go, because you cannot hold on to the purest emotion, if love doesn't feel like love anymore. Love for one, might just be a casual relationship for the other. So in such muddled up situations, it's better to let go. Let go of all that you have in your head and heart. I know it's not easy, but trust me it's far better than the complicated one. 

LIFE is a stage, and we are merely the players, with an entrance and exit to it. The decision will be ours now, what are we going to do with it and with how much conviction and dedication we want to live our lives, will totally depend on us. Each day brings us a new ray of hope, and then it depends on us whether we make use of it or just let it go. It's just a matter of time, now or never, the decision is ours. 

Just a reminder to each one of you, "This too shall pass." And happiness my friend will be your best friend once you try and divert your mind, from the not so good things, to your life goals and the people you are blessed with. 

Kindly let me know in the comments section below, if you resonated with my words. And this post on LIFE AFFIRMATIONS is from me to each one of you. 

Stay happy people! I wish you all, lots of love and happiness.


  1. Life .... Always find its way 😘😘

  2. Positive❤️Life is beautiful .thanks for sharing these lines❤️

  3. So admiring πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. This is so motivating..! πŸ˜‡

    “Life is beautiful in any way”. Stay hopeful stay healthy!

    Very well written πŸ‘

  5. Very well written...😊 so motivating😊😊

  6. Yes it is just a matter of time and life is too short to overthink about single thing .

    Live with flow, stay postive 😍

  7. I can relate to this lovely konica

  8. Definitely what's mine will be mine,will come my way any how..great thoughts shared ms blogger😍😚

  9. Life show path to everyone in their unique way πŸ˜€

  10. True dear ... Life is a great teacher... Loved it ❤️

  11. So true....Great Thoughts...Lovely...😊

  12. Beautiful lines as always❤️ waiting for your next blog❤️

  13. Beautifuly written πŸ‘πŸ»



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