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This post Little Did She Know, is my dedication to all you super women, to make you remember that, you have got to love and laugh, no matter how many skies have fallen.

Little Did She Know

Little Did She Know 

She was stumbling upon something she never thought existed.
She overlooked the storm that was going to arrive.
She was apprehensive, because her emotions were continually bluffing with her head and heart.
The outrageous volcano ruptured deep into her soul. 
The words of wisdom were never enough. 
Little Did She Know, that her artistry of love was beyond human understanding.

From me to you

This Ecstatic Soul Writes

Have you ever wondered, sometimes you come across situations in life, where decision making becomes the most crucial thing for you. Because you know which ever path you choose to go, either way it's a dead end, and there is nothing in between that can be taken cared of. I exactly know how does that feel and I'm sure many of you will resonate with this one. 

Life is definitely not a cake walk, and it will never be, you obviously will come across situations in life where no matter how many ebb and flow come your way, you still have to overcome all the impediments coming your way, and make a way for yourself. Because that's how life is, it is filled with stumbling paths, and you have to overcome every single obstacle and also learn to live in the moment and embrace yourself through it, instead of rushing into the things ahead in life. 

You will obviously stumble upon things that are brutally unexpected and that will shake you off as well, and I know it's not easy but there is one thing that I can assure you for, and that is, we are all together in this, and it's gods way of teaching us to how to let go and learn to get hold over our lives even through these stumbling paths and afflicted times. It's his way of teaching us, on how to become the better version of ourselves because he knows that these adverse times will bring out the best in us, making us stronger than we ever thought we were. 

Love definitely is the most beautiful feeling in this world, but sometimes you are so blinded in love, that you ignore the things you shouldn't. You ignore yourself to an extend that it leaves you in a space where there is no room for your own well being, self love and self worth. And sometimes it knocks the stuffing out of you that it feels like a storm that comes into your life and leaves everything smashed. So, love with your eyes open and experience the most ethereal feeling in this world, with not just loving your partner and the people you are close to, but also loving yourself and embrace yourself in this journey called life. 

You know we often get bewildered in some situations in life, where we don't understand who should we listen to, our head or our heart. And due to this dilemma, sometimes we take a wrong decision and that one wrong decision with it's repercussions, hamper a lot of things in our life. So instead, try not to get muddled up and make a wise decision for yourself, keeping into consideration its virtues and shortcomings and leave the rest in gods hand. 

True that is, action speaks louder than words. Don't fall for the fancy big words, watch out the for their actions. If you see their words and actions travelling to a different destination, it's time for you to wake up and not fall for the trap and walk away in peace.

I know sometimes an unforeseen incident that occurs in your life feels like an outrageous volcano that ruptures deep into your soul, leaving you poignant and inert. But I will still say no matter what comes your way, you have to stand up again and enliven your life with love and happiness. Make a promise to yourself that nothing in this world can stop you from being who you are, and it's time for you to unfold your wings and fly high. 

It's true that sometimes life throws at you the curve balls, which leaves you in a situation where decision making becomes the toughest job for you, but that one decision that you have to make will be the climacteric one and the game changer for you and your life as well. Because life is like that, the difficult times we go through in our lives, help us learn and grow. 

You don't have to depend on others for the love that you deserve in your life, start loving yourself and stop waiting for someone else to complete you, no one can do that for you, it's only you who can complete you. You owe yourself, everything that you wish for. We only live once, and let's not squander it over things that are not in our control, instead work hard, convert your dreams into reality and do what nourishes your soul and makes you happy. 

You should know that you are enough just the way you are. And knowing that you are enough is what makes you exceptional. Love yourself enough so that no matter how many ebb and flow you come across in life, you will come back standing stronger than ever and don't forget to love yourself through this journey. 

She is you, she is me, she is everything she could ever be. 
She is life, she is magic, she is far away from tragic.
She is your mother, she is your sister, she is your wife, she is your friend.
Isn't she the reason of your existence on this land. 

- This Ecstatic Soul Writes

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  1. Another Beautiful Post❤️Keep shining

  2. Beautifully laid out!! god bless you😇

  3. Every girl can relate to this directly touches heart... nice one Konica 👍💕😊

  4. Loved it... Keep writing... 😘

  5. Love your poetry ❤



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