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This post is entirely about loving oneself and a vow to a healthier and a happier life.

Self - Love

Love is irrefutably the most beauteous emotion one can ever have. And so is the love for oneself. Love is love, and it holds the same meaning for everyone, be it loving yourself or loving others. 

Through this post I have tried to illustrate the significance of SELF-LOVE in the life of an individual, their loved one's, the people around and how they look at the world.

SELF-LOVE is very significant in all the aspects of life. Loving oneself is the key to loving others and also the key for others to love you, because if you can't love yourself, it is impossible for you to love others, and if you won't love yourself, how can someone else love a person who doesn't love themselves. 

Just like we all want to be in love and experience the most ethereal emotion called love and the power that it has to itself. So it's also equally important to love ourselves and don't under estimate the power of self-love. It is very significant to love ourselves just the way we want to be loved. That's how it's suppose to be, from self-love to loving others. 

SELF-LOVE is not just about how you treat yourself with the goodness of self care, high self esteem, love, gratitude, good health and a lot more but self-love is also about how you talk to yourself and what you speak to yourself, because it's not just the actions that play a significant role but also the words, that are equally important. 

SELF-LOVE can mean something different to different individuals, because for every other individual having a high regard for their own physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual well being and happiness will be different. Like -

Taking care of your physical health by exercising daily.

Spending time in nature.

Spending time with family, friends and pets. 

Following your hobbies

Healthy eating.

Mindful thinking.

Practicing gratitude and forgiveness.

Going easy on yourself and so on.

SELF-LOVE and care helps in improving your overall well being, increasing your self esteem and confidence. And self-love doesn't make you selfish, it simply means that you care about yourself in every aspect, and their is nothing wrong in that. And if someone feels that self love makes you self centered, firstly don't care about it, it's your life not theirs and secondly if you do, then enlighten them with the knowledge of what self-love is all about because they probably haven't understood the meaning of it yet. 

So, one of the best decisions you will ever make for yourself is prioritizing yourself and loving yourself by not being harsh on yourself. Don't let the opinion of others wobble you from the love and care that you owe to yourself, because it's your life and the only person who has the right over your life, is you. 

We must understand that it's equally important to love ourselves, the way we love others and the way we want to be loved. And in our busy lifestyles we often ignore ourselves to an extreme that it hampers our personal well being and growth. And in the long run we start taking ourselves for granted to an extend that it crucially hinders our physical and mental wellbeing. And that's certainly is not the right thing to do. 

We must take some time out from our daily routine and dedicate it to ourselves. And do what makes us elated and content and at peace with ourselves. A person who is happier and healthier from the inside will understand the importance of SELF-LOVE and only then they can love others as well and spread positivity around themselves. 

SELF-LOVE doesn't make you selfish, it makes you indifferent towards those who hurt you. Because loving yourself doesn't makes you a person who doesn't care about the well being of others, it just makes you put your mental and emotional well being first. 

You often come across people and scenarios in life, where loving yourself and others becomes the most difficult thing to do and it doesn't come easy at all because you are surrounded by negative people in a pernicious environment and that doesn't let you grow and flourish. Don't become a part of a conversation, where you have no say at all and don't stay in an environment which is detrimental for you and your well being, rather walk away in peace and flourish. 

Because a person with a positive mindset will look at everything positively and even in the most negative scenarios they will try to seek positivity. And it's just the opposite in the case of a person who has a negative mindset, a person with a negative mindset will look at everything negatively because they have a negative approach towards life and even in the most positive scenarios, they will talk negative and they will seek for the negative traits around. 

People who are far away from loving themselves and positivity, will only spread negativity around and within, by not treating themselves with love and speaking wrong to themselves and others and it will not just deteriorate their condition but also of the people they are connected to. A negative attribute will only reflect negativity because that is what is accumulated inside them and the same will reflect in their personality as well. If you ever come across some people and scenarios that deplete your energy and doesn't let you be you and where you have to compromise with your well being, self respect, values and self-worth, all you have to do is walk away in peace and choose yourself because you don't belong there. 

What you are from the inside reflects from the outside as well. It reflects how you are as a person, how you treat your loved ones and also the people you are not acquainted with. A person who loves themselves, their approach towards life changes to a very great extent because it reflects in their personality and their loving and positive approach towards life is a game changer, not just for themselves but their loved ones as well and how they look at the world.

Start loving yourself and don't depend on others for the love that you deserve in your life and the love that you owe to yourself. Learn to love yourself no matter how many ebb and flow you come across in life because uncertainties in life will keep occurring and life is not a cake walk, we all come across the good and the not so good days in life. Depending upon others for your own well being, happiness and love will be the most imbecile decision to take, instead start loving yourself because that will contribute to your self-esteem and confidence and the only person who has the right to hold the key to your life, is you and don't let others remote control you, your well being and your self-worth. Love yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer grows you, because you are enough. 

So, don't depend on someone else to complete you, you have to do that for yourself. You have to complete yourself and no one will do that for you, SELF-LOVE is what will complete you, and not somebody's else's love. 

You must understand that you are enough just the way you are. And your partner for life is your body (mind and soul). The day you start loving yourself and take care of yourself, life will start loving you back even more, and you will see the changes after you start loving yourself because you will start feeling elated from the inside and that one decision of SELF-LOVE, will be one of the best decisions of your life. People who start loving themselves, automatically generate a positivity within themselves and that positivity starts reflecting in how they treat themselves, their loved ones and the people around them.

The feeling of SELF-LOVE is euphoric. And only an elated soul can spread happiness in their life and others. So let's just be that soul who brings exuberance into the lives of others by staying happy from within and spread happiness around.

REMINDER - You are enough, just the way you are. 

A message to remember for the rest of your life - LOVE YOURSELF. 

Kindly let me know in the comments section below if you resonated with my words. And this post on SELF-LOVE is from me to each one of you. Stay happy people !



  1. So true

    Self love comes before anything...
    Beautifully written

  2. ❤️beautifully written ❤️

  3. Indeed..! Everything starts from youπŸ˜‡
    Very well written on “self love” πŸ‘

  4. Amazingly composed and written about self love and self worthπŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. sneha.sinha781@gmail.com19 July 2021 at 14:40

    So true...Self love is the first love..��



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