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THE SUNSHINE - Just like the shining sun, shine bright in your life with dazzling colors and glorify. 

The Sunshine


It's everywhere.
It roams from my corner of the street to yours.
It illuminates your city and mine.
It touches my skin the same way it touches yours.
It heals you the same way it heals me.
It brightens up our life because it's everywhere.

It's light
It's bright 
It's magic 
It's sunlight 

From me to you

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

SUNSHINE, the rays of the sun falling on earth and it's people to enliven their lives, adding life to not just the plants and the trees, but to humans as well. The glory that the sun brings with itself is impeccable. 

Beyond the basic meaning of SUNSHINE, every person might have a different meaning of sunshine in their lives. In this post I have tried to illustrate the different meaning of sunshine for different people, aiming to resonate, elate and inspire them. 

Dusk Till Dawn

Just like after every dark night, the sun shines in the morning illuminating the mother earth and it's nature and people. In the same manner in the life of humans, every morning with the rise of the sun, it brings a hope of a fresh start and a new beginning. In spite of the dark night, the sun always gleams in the morning, no matter what, sun is a constant with a ray of lustrous shine that it has to itself. So are the mornings, no matter how dark or difficult the last night was but with the advent of morning, it brings a silver lining into our lives. 

Sun, a hopeful prospect that it brings with itself every morning. Just as in our lives, every morning is a new beginning, in spite of how many curve balls life throws at us, but still we have to start fresh every single day with a hope of a better and a brighter tomorrow, because the not so good days are not here to stay forever, they will fade away and evanesce. 

You - The sunshine of my life

We all have that one person who brings a ray of hope and sunshine into our lives. It can be our parents, siblings, friends, partner or our mentor. A person whom we consider the reason of happiness and hopefulness in our lives. Just like every morning looking at the gleaming sun, the breathe of fresh air and the etherealness of the rising sun leaves us enthralling, in the same way that one constant person in our lives as the sun is beyond blissfulness.

The rising sun every morning not just illuminates it's light and gleam, but the advent of dedication and optimism that it brings with itself has a beauty of it's own. Because there is not a single day that sun doesn't shine at it's own time. No matter how cloudy the skies were last night but the sun rises every morning at it's time with it's gleaming shine. In the same manner that one person who is a constant in our lives, their faith, dedication and optimism towards us does not let us give up, no matter how many ebb and flow we are going through in our lives. That one person is a constant one just like the sun.

The Happy Shine - Sunshine

Watching the sun gleam, brings immense happiness to the soul of the plants and the trees. The perfect example of soulful happiness is that of a sunflower, it looks so ethereal and merry. It's like a happy flower whose reason of smile is the sun and it's gleam. Sunflower, the soul flower, who smiles with it's soul because of the shining sun. 

Just like the sun makes plants and trees go merry. A good laughter with your loved ones is like a benediction to your soul. A life without laughter is not worth living. We all might have experienced this within ourselves and around us that how impactful are the laughter sessions for our body, mind and soul, and it's like a therapy to the soul. Just like a bloomed flower always looks finer than the withered one, so are the smiling faces rather than the gloomier ones. 

A rough diamond is polished for it's luster

Making our dreams come true, will never be an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of perseverance, skills, hard work, patience and a lot more. The one thing that we have to keep in our minds is, to not lose hope, and just keep at it until we succeed in accomplishing our goals and dreams and glorify with enormous colors. 

To shine like a sun, first burn like one, rightly said. It's so true, nothing comes easy in life. It takes a lot of effort and a lot more to achieve something in life. Even the sun, to radiate it's light on earth, it goes through nuclear fusion, high temperature, pressure, energy in the form of light and heat and a lot more. We as humans also have to go through a lot in life to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams, just like sun, who after a process radiates heat and light on earth, we as humans also have to go through a lot in the process and phases of life and flourish in making our dreams come true. 

Be your own sunshine

It's not always that we might need someone to bring that light and shine in our lives. Sometimes all we need is ourselves to bring out the best in us. It's always a better decision to fall in love in with ourselves more and shift our focus in life on accomplishing our dreams and goals and keep them alive and don't let them fade away with time. 

We should be thankful to god for what we are blessed with, rather than grumbling over things we don't. Having an attitude of thankfulness will always be a wise decision to take. It brings positivity into our lives. And we must do something that makes others happy, so be the reason of someone's sunshine this time. Because just like the sun illuminates light on earth bringing a hope of a better future and a new beginning in our lives, in the same way we must try to become the sunshine in someone else's life by bringing love, happiness and hope into their lives. The amount of peace that one attains by being the reason of someone's happiness is unparalleled. 

That's how SUNSHINE is, illuminating life into the lives of humans on mother earth. It's one of the perfect example to get motivated from, by just keep going, no matter how many peaks and valleys we might come across, the hope to fulfill our dreams should never die and we must keep going, giving our best in life and glorify. And thank god every single day for what we are blessed with. 

There is so much to learn from the radiant sun. So, keep your face always towards the sunshine and let it's gleam of light and hope, enlighten your soul and life with goodness of love and positivity and everything that you wish for, leaving you elated. 

Keep smiling, keep shining !

Kindly let me know in the comments section below, who is the sunshine of your life. And do give your feedback on my post THE SUNSHINE.


  1. Beautiful as always ❤️

  2. Perfect.... Love your work

  3. I hope just like the sunlight, your words lighten up the lives of they always work for me❤️

  4. Wow!! Prettily written ❤️
    Keep writing ✍️

  5. sneha.sinha781@gmail.com19 July 2021 at 14:34

    You write so well....❤

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