Sunday, 11 July 2021


This post is entirely about the empowerment of women, and how essential it is to believe in equality and let women live their lives as they want to. 

Women Empowerment

Women, the most beautiful creatures in the whole world, who miraculously have the capability to give birth to another human being. And god gave them this ability, because even god knew that only women can do such miracles on earth. But in spite of being such wonder that they are, they are still not entitled to the basic human rights, and that's disgraceful. 

Human rights are simply the basic rights and freedom that belongs to every single individual in the world. Women's are also humans! Right! And human rights include women rights as well. Then why do women still have to ask for the basic rights they are entitled to. And why is it that women are still dragged backwards when it comes to the rights they unquestionably deserve.

Why is it that women are not considered worthy of being chosen to be empowered of the most basic human rights. Why are women sometimes compelled to an extend that it becomes so crucial for them to ask for what they equally deserve. 

Everyone might have a different take on what feminism is all about, but the crux of it is all about equality. It's basic emphasis is on gender equality. And feminism is still a debatable topic, because it is still so arduous for some people to not understand such a basic thing, when it's simple objective and intention is equality. Equal rights to all, is what a feminist believes in. They are emphasizing on the basic human rights that every individual without discrimination, should be entitled to. 

Women are not asking to be privileged with exceptional rights, they are emphasizing on equality, that is equal rights for all. They are only accentuating on what they are worthy of as human beings, nothing more, nothing less.

We are still surrounded by people who believe women are inferior to men and women sometimes don't even have the basic right to become part of a family decision. Because some people still believe that women belong only in the kitchen and all they are supposed to do are the household chores, and that's where they are limited to. And as per the so called norms that few people still believe in, it's just the men of the family who can be the bread earners and only they are the righteous ones to earn and take decisions for the family. And in such scenarios women are no where in the process of decision making and this is a big matter of concern. 

Educate yourself enough to understand what equality is all about and get rid of the so called preconceived notions, patriarchy and societal norms that have been imposed on us since ages.

So, it's high time for not just men but for women as well. Men have to accept that women are worthy of everything they desire to be and have, and women themselves have to understand that they deserve everything that they dream and wish to be and they should constructively use their education to become independent and live their life on their own terms rather than being dependent on someone else for the rest of their lives.

Women, it's your education and independence that will make you feel empowered. So that you can have a control over your life and you can manage, take actions and make the decisions of your life on your own. And don't ever handover the key to your life, in somebody's else's hand. It's your life and nobody else's. To the women who don't love themselves enough and still under estimate their proficiency, wake up and start loving yourself more. This is the best you can and you will do for yourself. And if you won't do this for yourself then who else will. When you will start loving yourself, live will love you back even more. Stay Empowered !

Dear Women, 

You deserve love.
You deserve respect. 
You deserve everything that's the best. 
You deserve dreams, you deserve peace. 
You deserve everything that's meant to be. 
And most importantly, you deserve being you.
And every single right that you are entitled to. 

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

What kind of environment are we creating for the generations to come! Is this what we want for them? I don't think so. This is the least we can do for one another. All we have to do is treat each other equally. As equality will be a collective effort of all who care about human rights.

Let's start equality from our own households. Treat daughters and sons equally. Treat mothers and fathers equally. Treat brothers and sisters equally. Treat every single person in your household equally. Treat every single person around you equally. Treat everyone equally. Start from within. Start with yourself.

Equality should be a celebration of ensuring equal rights to every individual without any kind of discrimination. The day people will accept that we are all equal, and we are all entitled to the human rights equally, world will be a better place to live in. 

Celebrate Womankind! They are the reason of your existence. And if this reason isn't enough to ring a bell in someone's head, then I don't know what will. 

Kindly let me know in the comments section below what makes you feel empowered. And do share your feedback on my post WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.


  1. Your words just hypnotize❤️

  2. Of course these gender differences must end now. Equality has to he there!!
    Very well written Konica 👏

  3. Very well said ... <3

  4. Very well said dear... 👌👌👍👍

  5. Very well written dear.. I wish this equality word should be removed when it comes to gender. Each one is a human whether male, female or transgender. Likewise we all are capable enough of doing things in a same way as per our knowledge, skills, experience or passion not as per gender. But by any chance if you got to know about any case where a female willingly took advantage of empowerment. Recently one case happened with one of my friend so I wrote this comment. But yes majority of cases are happening with females in our country which shouldn't be there. We have to respect Humanity.

    1. Yes humanity stands above all. We are all the same, just different biologically.
      And yes it's absolutely unfair to take undue advantage of anything. Be it a man or a woman, who ever does that is equally wrong.



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