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Hello warriors! Do you know who is your biggest competitor in life, it's YOU and it will always be YOU and only YOU.

You Vs. You

YOU might wonder why am I calling you all warriors, Right! Ok, so let me tell you why! Because I genuinely believe that you are all warriors in some way or the other because I know you are all fighting your own battles, and trust me we are all together in this and we will overcome this no matter what comes our way and conquer our lives. 

Coming back to today's post, in this one I have tried to illustrate the significance and impact of competition. So, let's get started!

We are all living in a world where we are surrounded by people with intense competitive spirit in their head, and that constant attitude of acute competition with others, takes over our mental peace and well being and we actually forget to savor the beauty of life. 

It's true that there is nothing wrong in having a healthy competitive approach but what's wrong is having a competitive approach towards others and not ourselves. You can have a healthy competitive spirit within yourself to become better than who you were yesterday with a lot of hard work, dedication, patience and a lot more, but don't indulge into the outlook where, you want to compare yourself to others and compete with them and become like them or better than them. 

Having a notion of becoming better than others will lead you no where in life, rather it will only build up stress and exhaustion, leading to muddling up with your own well being, happiness and peace of mind.

YOU are you, and nobody can be you, and that's your super power. Why do you want to waste your precious time in competing with others and becoming better than them and not yourself. Why don't you try to compete with yourself and work on yourself because only a healthy competition with yourself will give you a sense of self satisfaction knowing that you have made an effort to become the best of your capability of who you are.

YOU have to understand that you are one unique personality, and there can be no one like you, you are as special as you can think of being, why is even there a want to become like others or better than them. Why don't you understand that, you are you and you can never be like them and they are they and they can never be like you, because we are all different in every sense, we are all special in our own way, and that's what makes us who we are.   

YOU are your biggest competition and you don't have to follow others trying to become like them or pulling others down in order to pull yourself up. Instead work hard on yourself, challenge yourself and test your boundaries to become the best version of yourself, because your life is your own unique journey.  

YOU might become successful with keeping an intense competitive spirit at your workplace and in life. It might get you a lot of money, name and fame, because you will get ahead in life and you will start doing better than others and you might leave everyone behind. But have you ever wondered that where is this taking you in life in terms of mental security and peace. Is having a competition with others and becoming better than them, giving you a sense of peace? Is the feeling of jealousy making you feel good? Is staying stressed and exhausted helping you anyway in getting ahead in life? Or becoming better than who you were yesterday will give you immense peace and joy? You must ask these questions to yourself. And the choice is absolutely yours, because you are the decision maker of your life and life is not a competition, having a competitive spirit can generate success for you professionally but a healthy competition with yourself will yield you contentment and peace.

Why is there a need for you to think that you want to do better than others in life. Why can't you just change this approach and say, I want to do better than how I was doing yesterday and that simply means that I will not compare and compete with others but only with myself. This is the right attitude to have in life. Don't ever try to compare your journey with theirs, or their journey with yours, because it's futile to do so and life is not the same for all. Shift the focus on competing with yourself rather than competing with others. 

Do you want to be remembered as who you are organically, because you have your own individual identity or do you want to be remembered as someone who has lived all their life trying to become like others, who has nothing unique to their own personality. Aren't you confident enough of who and how you are? Don't you want to be proud of the fact that you have come a long way in life! You have to decide that for yourself and ask these questions to yourself. 

We are all different, we are all at different stages in life, our journeys are different, our strengths and limitations are different, our backgrounds are different, our experiences are different, everything is just so different from the other and it is such a foolery to compare our lives with somebody's else's because it just can't be compared, so where does the question of competition with someone else arise, because there is no root to it and the thing which has no root to itself cannot be into existence of any kind. 

Let's just understand this better with the help of an example of a flower. "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms". How beautiful is this quotation. Let's just be like a flower, do your own thing and bloom, don't try to compare yourself with others and compete with them or try to pull them down. Let them do their thing and shine and you do yours. Concentrate on your own journey rather than trying to compete with others and comparing yours with theirs. Love yourself immensely and compete with yourself and bloom like a flower and spread love, positivity and happiness around, because what you are on the inside reflects on the outside as well.

Moreover, develop the attitude of being happy for others as well. Empower each other, help each other grow, appreciate others hard work and success. Be happy for others and if you can bring a smile on someone's face, do that as well. Because this is what will give you immense happiness and peace. 

There is so much more to life than competing with others. Just do your thing and enlighten your being with the essence of love and happiness, and do what nourishes your soul and makes you feel euphoric and embrace your journey. 

Compete with yourself every single day and with every passing day, you will see yourself becoming better than who you were yesterday because you are born to shine, don't ever forget that. 

Keep smiling and keep shining!

Kindly let me know in the comments section below, what is your say on competition with oneself and others. And do give your feedback on my post YOU VS. YOU


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  5. Yes in the end it’s You vs You!
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