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Benefits of Reading Books

When was the last time you read a book ?

Does your daily schedule involves reading ?

Are you one of those people, who want to read, but have no time to read ?

Or are you one of those, who have never thought of reading a book ?

If you are someone who doesn't read, then you are missing out on something great in life. 

And I have more than enough reasons, to get you start reading. 

READING is one of the most essential part of our life and it should actually become part of our daily routine too, because it introduces you to a whole new world, where you can experience the ethereal beauty and magic, like no other world can ever make you experience. And if you want to experience the same, incorporate books into your lives. 

If you have time to watch movies on Netflix, watch videos on YouTube, surf the web and what not, then you definitely have the time to introduce books into your life. And thank yourself later for the same. 

BOOKS are one of the most influential things of all time. They are everywhere around you, be it your home, your workplace, book stores, railway stations, libraries, cafes, airport, all you need is a reason to start reading one. You might have noticed that, there are some people who are so much into reading, that they can spend hours with their books, and sometimes all they need is a book to get along with. 

Once you will know the BENEFITS OF READING BOOKS, you will then understand and imbibe the importance of reading and the devotion over it. There are myriad benefits of READING books and I have brought, enough reasons for you, to get you start reading. So, let's get started and crush this together. 


Reading keeps your brain healthy - You all know the importance of exercise for your body, mind and soul. Just how important, physical exercise is for your body, in the same manner you need an exercise for your brain as well and reading is the best exercise for your brain. You all know how important it is to keep your mind active, so that it remains healthy and strong and who doesn't want a healthy brain and a sharp memory. Are you one of those, who wish the same, start reading then, and get your doze of healthy brain exercises.

READING is so essential for your brain, that it helps you with a sharp and strong memory and prevents you from a weak memory, because according to the researchers, reading possibly slows down the progress of decline in the memory.  So, the next time you think of an interesting exercise to do, get a book and a cup of your favourite beverage and start reading. 

Reading helps in stress reduction - Stress has become a part of our life and it has become a big reason of concern in today's world. And you often ponder yourself over it, instead of getting rid of it. You are all so busy caught up with your day to day activity, be it at home or workplace, that you have actually forgotten to take some time out for yourself and give it to, what your brain needs the most from you and that is, mental peace and relaxation in order to reduce stress. And who doesn't want to get rid of stress. I'm sure you all want to. So, incorporate reading in your daily routine and make books your friend, because they will be the best stress buster ever.  

READING will introduce you to a world which is far away from chaos and the stress around you, once you lose yourself in the world of words of the authors, the characters and the stories. Once you are engaged, reading will pull your mind away from stress and worries in the moment and just by concentrating on what you are reading about, your tensions will drain away, allowing you to relax your mind and let the stress melt away and explore the imagination of the author. Because once you start reading your focus will shift from your stress, to what the author has to convey to you. 

Even, it has been scientifically proven that reading helps in the reduction of stress to a great extent. So, now you know what you have to do, the next time you are stressed. Get a book for yourself and start reading it and let it introduce you to a world, away from stress and worries. 

Reading makes your memory better - It's so amazing to know, the storage capacity of our mind is exorbitant. And in order to make our mind even more sharp and improve it's memory, reading plays a vital role in that. When you read a book, you not just read for the sake of it and finish the book,  there is so much that you can take away from a book; the lesson, the inspiration, the characters, the storyline, the learnings and what not. 

For example, when you read a novel, you will remember the characters, the relationship between them, the plot of the story, the background, the history related to it, and all the minute details of it. Because our brain is phenomenal, and it will store inside it, all that you will read from the book and imbibe it with ease. Be it any sort of a book, you will read and it will be stored in your memory.

That's how it is, the more you read, the better will be your memory, because when you start reading, it stimulates the function of your brain and improves your memory and you start storing more information in your brain. So, if you want to improve your memory, you know what you have to do, get a book of your choice and start reading it. 

Reading makes you more compassionate and empathetic - Are you someone who is really not good at empathizing with others and keeping yourself in somebody's else's shoes is the one of most difficult thing for you because you just can't empathize with people. Start reading then, because reading will help you understand people in a much better way and you will start understanding people, from their point of view and not just your own. 

The books that you read are written in such a way, that you start connecting yourself with the author and the characters in the story of the book. It builds a relationship between the characters written by the author and the readers, which leads to the reader becoming more empathetic, because then the reader steps outside themselves and starts empathizing with the characters they are reading about in the book.

As reading introduces you to a world, that helps you understand things from a totally new and different perspective, which moreover helps you look at the world and understand things in a much better way, with a wider aspect to it and also helps you understand people from their perspective and not only yours. If you start reading, you start feeling connected with the fictional characters of the book, then just imagine, if a book can make you feel connected with the fictional characters in it, how can it not make you empathize with those in your life and around you. That's how impactful reading is. 

As per some studies and researches on reading fiction, it has been proven that people who read fictions are more empathetic and compassionate. A good reason for you to start reading now.

Reading enhances your creativity and imagination - The brain that we are blessed with is so magnificent, that it can imagine anything and everything. And by incorporating reading in your daily routine, your imaginative and creativity skills will enhance. When you are reading, you are introduced to a whole new world which develops a lot of new ideas and possibilities in your head. For example if you are reading a novel, which has many fictional characters and the author has described every character very beautifully through his words, so your brain has the capacity to create the characters in your head and imagine them just by reading the words and picturing them in your head, through the words that have been written in the book.

When you start reading a book, you start imagining the characters in your head and by the end of the book, you can picture the entire story in your head, just through the words of the author. When you read a biography/autobiography of a person, whatever they share with you through their words, you can actually imagine the real person in front of your eyes and live their experience throughout the book. That's how reading enhances a readers imagination, not just in the books, but in real life as well. A person who reads becomes better at imagining things. So, if you too want to get lost in the world of great authors and their books, incorporate reading in your routine and introduce yourself to so many people and places through the world of books and experience by yourself, how ethereal of a feeling it is. 

Reading sets an example for others -  Something that is not considered good otherwise, but is considered to be great and that is being contagious. Yes reading is contagious. If you are parent and you want your child to develop the habit of reading from his childhood, then you must read as well. Because children are very quick learners and they will learn and imbibe what they will see. So, if you want your children to be good readers from a very small age, start reading to them and teach them in a way, where you can incorporate more and more books in their life.

Don't expect your child to read, while you are always on your phone, laptop and television. Set a good example for them, only then they will learn. If they will watch you read, they will learn from your good habits and start reading their books, because parents have the most influence on their child. 

Reading builds a stronger vocabulary and enhances your knowledge - The more you read, the better it is. Reading books is the best way to increase your exposure to new words. If you are someone who wants to learn new words, start reading and you will introduce yourself to new words every single day. 

Who doesn't wants to be, well-spoken, well-learned and knowledgeable, I think we all want to. Right! A very smart reason for you to start reading. In some aspects, a person with a brilliant vocabulary will be more impressive than the one whose vocabulary is poor, because the people who have good vocabulary are very articulative as compared to those who don't, and that's what outshines them from others. 

READING will give you a lot of information and knowledge, you are unaware about. In fact it's one of the best source of information and knowledge. The more you will read, the more knowledge you will gain in life and that will be so beneficial for you in every aspect of life. And it's your knowledge that nobody can take away from you, it will stay with you for the rest of your life. 




Reading motivates and inspires you - Sometimes reading a book will inspire and motivate you when nothing else will. There are enormous amount of books written, that will fill you up with zeal. The words of the author plays a crucial role in inspiring the readers. Like reading a true story, a biography or an autobiography about a person, their experiences, their journey, their struggles, the ebb and flow they go through in their life, and still achieve a lot, sets an example for the reader and inspires them too. Reading about the journey of a person, helps in motivating the reader, to not give up in life, and keep trying hard, no matter what comes their way. 

Because after reading a real life story, you will be inspired to achieve your dreams, no matter how many times you have failed before. Because reading teaches you that, failure is a part of an experience and it's a very crucial learning experience, where in spite of the hardships, you can overcome all the obstacles and keep moving forward and never ever give up in life. 

Reading helps you sleep better - We all have become so technology driven, that it has even hindered our sleep cycle. You all have this habit of checking your phone right before going to bed. And in spite of knowing that, it's not the right thing to do, you still do it. Instead of doing something that can help you calm down your mind, you end up surfing web or watch movies late at night. Sometimes it's fine to do so, but if this has become a part of your daily night routine, then it is muddling up with your physical and mental health and hindering your growth process as well. 

So, all you have to do is SWITCH.

Switch from staying on your phone, late at night to Reading.

Switch from working on laptop, late at night to Reading.

Switch from watching movies at night to Reading.

Switch from surfing web for hours in the night to Reading.

Switch from late night phone conversations to Reading.

Incorporate reading in your daily routine. Reading helps you calm down, melting down your stress, which brings you peace and with a peaceful mind, you will be able to sleep better. Make reading a habit. Right before going to bed, keep your mobile and laptop away and reach for a book instead, and then go to bed. Having enough sleep at night makes a huge impact on how you feel and how productive you will be the next day. 

There are various others benefits of reading such as reading improves your writing skills, it improves your focus and concentration, it improves your communication skills, it contributes to a longer life, it encourages positive thinking, boosts intelligence, enhances analytical skills, improves your mental health, and brings you inner peace. 

Once you will start READING BOOKS, you will explore the myriad benefits of it, because books are everywhere, and all you have to do is, pick one of your choice and start reading it. And LET THE MAGIC BEGIN!

READING introduces you to a world, you have never seen before. A world where you can spend as much time as you want to. Make books your best friend and you will see the change within and around you. 

Start reading. Read the books you really want to read, because that's when you will fall in love with the joy of reading. And you will thank yourself later, for making one of the best decisions of your life. 

With so many books out there, now you have all the good reasons to start reading with such amazing BENEFITS OF READING BOOKS, that I have shared with you all. I hope my post inspires you, to get you start reading. 




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