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Every step taken forward with courage, will bring you closer to yourself. 

Courage - The Game Changer

COURAGE is the ability to deal with pain or fear in an unwanted or undesired situation which is difficult or dangerous. A person's ability to deal with such grim situations will define the outcome of it and their outlook towards life. 

Life is a stage, and at every stage of our life there are numerous circumstances, that requires to be dealt with COURAGE. Such as - 

It takes courage to fulfill your dreams.

It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone.

It takes courage to say no. 

It takes courage to explore new things. 

It takes courage to live the life, the way you want to. 

It takes courage to take risks. 

It takes courage to fight your fears.

It takes courage to be yourself.

It takes courage to not give up in life. And a lot more.

Courage to fulfill your dreams - If you have a dream, don't just sit there and think. Gather the courage to believe that you can succeed and put out all the stops to make it a reality. It's not going to be easy, but it's neither impossible as well. Sometimes all you need is, the courage to take a step forward which will take you closer to accomplishing your dreams. The hard work and diligence that you put in, sometimes it's not enough, sometimes with the hard work you also need the courage to fight against all the odds to convert your dreams into reality.

Fulfillment of dreams never comes easy. Every ounce of your breath, blood and sweat is required to make your dreams come true. Only a person who has the ability, belief, and courage with the intention of leaving no stone unturned, with their hard work and patience, can make their dreams come true. 

Courage to step out of your comfort zone - Stepping out of one's comfort zone is never going to be easy, but if you want to change your life for the better, then you have to step out of your comfort zone. Living in the same environment for years, doing the same work, you become accustomed to it, and then you resist to change, and that is what hinders your growth in life.

If you want to grow in life, you have to accumulate the courage that you have, and take a step towards stepping out of the zone you are comfortable in. Yes it's true that it's not going to be easy, but once this thought, accompanied with the action of coming out of your cocoon of absolute comfort, will change your life for the better. 

Courage to say no, when you want to say no - There are some people, who in spite of wanting to say no deep inside, still end up saying yes, because they feel that, they might hurt someone and they don't have the courage to speak the truth. But after saying yes, kindly ask a question to yourself, Are you satisfied with your answer and is it in anyway making you happy and content? I am sure your answer will be a no. And why shouldn't it be, because the yes that you said, was half-heartedly said, and something that isn't done or said whole heartedly, doesn't bring happiness and contentment. 

So, it's the best to say and do what you feel. If you want to say no, then say no, if you want to say yes, then say yes, instead of thinking about what the other person might feel, you should value your own opinion at first. This doesn't mean that you don't value other person's emotions, but it simply means you value your emotions as well. Because a yes that is half heartedly said, won't bring happiness to either of the two, then what is point then. Isn't it better to courageously say no, when you genuinely want to say no. 

Courage to explore new things - We all know this deep inside, that life wouldn't be boring and monotonous, if we start exploring new and different things in life. In spite of knowing about it, we still resist to it and don't make much efforts to explore the new. 

To know what's the best for you, you have to explore different things in life and that will only be possible if you gather the courage to do the same. Till the time you won't evaluate, and stick to the same things, how will you know what's the best for you and what's not. What if you are holding onto something that's not the best for you, because you don't have the courage to explore new things, you are missing out on something you are not even aware of. So, it's better to explore more and discover, what surprises the box of life has in it for you. You will only know, when you will open the box, so don't let it remain closed. 

Courage to live your life, the way you want to - The sooner you will realize that it's your life, and the only person who has the right over it, is you, the better it will be for you. Have the courage to not let other people's opinion and judgements wobble you from, what you want to do in life and how you want to live your life. Don't let other people define who you are and what is good for you and what is not, because only you can do that for yourself. 

Accumulate all the strength and courage that you have, and start living the life of your dreams. Do what makes you happy and start living your life the way you have imagined it to be. This whole journey of living your life the way you want to live, won't be easy, but with time you will realize that it was totally worth it. A little moment of courage today, will blossom into a beautiful life of your dreams, just the way you wanted it to be.

Courage to take risks - Taking risks doesn't mean that you will sure shot succeed at once. No that's not how it is, you might succeed at once or you might take years to succeed. Not succeeding and failing is a part of your journey and failure doesn't mean you won't succeed, it in fact will give you an experience of a lifetime, which will grow you into a better and a stronger person. 

If you want to grow in life, you have to gather the courage to take risks accompanied with the uncertainties. It's ok to have fear before taking any kind of risk. But don't let the risk of failure overpower the chances of success. You fail or you succeed, either way it will be a learning experience which will bring you closer to your goals and dreams in life, because you will end up becoming a more confident and a stronger person. And eventually with your courage and risk taking abilities, you will fulfill your dreams and succeed in life. 

Courage to not give up in life - In order to achieve something in life, giving up should never be an option. It is your courage and perseverance that will take you to places, in spite of the hardships you come across in life. Because that's how life is, you will irrefutably come across vicissitudes in life, but what will make you a winner is your courage to not give up in life, no matter how difficult the circumstances are.

Life is not always a cake walk, and you will indubitably come across adversities that will test your every single moment of your days of hardships, and it will be your courageous approach then, that will not let you give up and help you attain your goals and fulfill your dreams.  

Courage to fight your fears  - We are all scared of something or the other in our lives. We all have our fears to work upon. And it's absolutely natural. But the difficulty lies in overcoming our fears, and not everyone gathers the courage to get through the fear they have in their life. 

In every phase of your life, you will come across something you are scared of, but the opportunity lies in overcoming that fear and look beyond it, because till the time you won't face your fears how will you channelize your abilities and strength. The best of you will come out when you will accumulate the courage to overcome your fears and fight with them. Because the difficult situations you come across in your lives, makes you stronger and they bring out the best in you. So, you should do whatever it takes to overcome the hurdles of fear and fight, and become a warrior and win every battle you come across in your life. 

Courage to be yourself - It takes a lot of courage in being who you are and not what people expect you to be. In a world that we live in today, we are expected to be something that we are not, and that continuous ability to fit in, is what that is keeping us away from who we actually are. But what is the need to fit in and be accepted by the people as they expect us to be. 

Have the courage to be yourself, do what makes you happy, speak your heart out with no filter on, no matter what. A worthy life will be the one, that you have lived as your authentic self and not as someone who you are not. Love yourself and be you. 

COURAGE will help you bringing out the best in you because it will not let you give up in life and when you will learn to not give up in life, no matter what, with every passing day, you will see a better version of yourself and it will bring you closer to your goals and dreams. And then, a reality will be in front of your eyes, where you will be living a life of your dreams, overcoming all the obstacles. 

Sometimes a decision taken in one tiny moment of courage in the right direction, is all that it takes to change your life for the better. 

You take a decision -- Your life is changed. Sometimes that's how quick it is. 

So be courageous, sometimes that is all you need to change the game. 

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