Sunday, 1 August 2021


Hello lovelies!

This post on FRIENDSHIP is a sweet treat for all your friends and mine, wishing them a very Happy Friendship Day.


FRIENDSHIP, it is not just a word but a colossal of emotions and feelings which turn strangers into family for life. And I'm so glad that I'm blessed with the best because I have the best people as friends in my life. 

Though writing down a post wouldn't exactly do justice to my love that I have for my crazy squad, but I still, take the opportunity to express my love through this poem today, which is not just a poem but my expression of emotions and feelings by dipping down my words into the inkwell of love that I have for my friends. 

With friends every day seems special, but today is a more special one because it's friendship day, a day to celebrate the special friends in your life. And there is no better day than today, to remind your friends what they mean to you and how influential they are in your life. I really hope through this poem, my readers will resonate with my thoughts and emotions for their friends as well and dedicate this piece to them as a sweet token of love. 

FRIENDSHIP truly is one of the most ethereal emotion we can have in our lives. And life without friends is definitely incomplete because we all need friends by our side, to ride on in this beautiful journey of life. Friends are like the flowers in the garden of life as they make our life even more beautiful and their presence is enough to bring elation and bliss into our lives.

Friends are like sanity in this chaotic world. With so much cacophony around they are like your favourite piece of music, you can listen to, for hours without getting bored. And it's never a dull moment with them around, because there is so much to converse about, with the never ending laughter sessions that fills your heart with euphoria bringing back the impeccable memories of the past and many more to come in the future.

Friends, they are like the rainbow in the sky, bringing serenity and peace with themselves and they are that pillar of strength in your lives who even in the most taxing conditions, don't leave you alone, and stay by your side, motivating you to chase your dreams and convert them into reality. 

Having friends in your life is like having the best cheerleaders by your side for the rest of your life, who will stay with you through thick and thin, and no matter how many ebb and flow come your way, they will stick around and will move heaven and mountains in cheering you up, bringing out the best in you and making you fall in love with yourself all over again.

Sometimes all you need is your friends sitting by your side to get rid of all the hassles, and it's their presence which converts the moments of melancholy into laughter. And when you get wobbled up in your ride, they stick around and pull out all the stops to enliven you making you feel elated.

Everything changes in this world, but true friends are a constant in our lives just like the sunrise, the stars and the moon, because we know that we can count on them, no matter what. And we have realized that people come and go, but our true friends and their madness is immortal. 

We all need those people around, with whom we can just be ourselves and speak our heart out with no filter on and no judgements in return and who understands us just the way we are. And it's such a blessing to have real friends in our lives, who understands and loves us just the way we are and let us be as organic as we are, in this not so real world. 

Friends in our life are the blessings of god, because god knew that, when sometimes they couldn't be around, it's these angels on earth in the form of humans around us, who are present to make our journey of life exultant. 

And most essentially, thanks to all our friends for their myriad love, they have showered on us and the unparalleled memories they have given us to cherish, for the rest of our lives. 

This post is a celebration of FRIENDSHIP, and friends who are the real treasures of our life. Be it my friends or yours, they are all equally special and this post is solely written to let them know what they mean to us.

Tag your friends in the comments section below and let them know how immense is your love for them. 

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY PEOPLE. Have a great time with your FRIENDS.



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