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Hello Lovelies!

This post is my dedication to all you wonder women, who in spite of the tribulations in life, chose to rise and shine. 

She rose like a phoenix

Dearest women, 

I hope you are doing great and life is treating you well. Do you even know how amazing person are you. And how fortunate are the people to have you in their lives because you are a true gem, who deserves to be treasured for life. You deserve every bit of love, life, laughter, respect, fulfillment of dreams and everything that you wish for. 

I know life hasn't been easy for you, you have come across situations in life which has left you into pieces. And bringing back all those broken pieces together wasn't easy for you. It took every ounce of your breath and blood to get back together standing stronger than ever. 

It's true what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And you my warrior, are the EPITOME OF STRENGTH. Because in spite of the volcano that erupted in your life, it didn't let you die, because you are a survivor and you know how to overcome the calamities that occurred in your life, and that's what makes you a wonder women, who didn't give up on herself, no matter how many skies have fallen on her.

You are a true believer who believed in herself. You are someone who didn't stop believing in herself even after being crumbled down. It was your belief that didn't let you give up, in spite of the adversities you came across in life. And whatever you are today is because of your continuous diligence and hard work, which has molded you into becoming a person, that you are. 

You converted the chaos in your life into the gleam of hope and shine. Even the most catastrophic conditions didn't had the power and ability to weigh you down. In fact they obliviously helped you in bringing out the best in you, because they were unaware of your ability of looking for the tiniest ray of hope and light, even in the darkest of nights. 

Your scars didn't weigh you down, in fact they validated the fact that you tried every bit of your effort and it was your strength and courage that didn't let you give up in life. Your scars were a proof that in spite of falling, you unrelentingly tried hard and you didn't give up on yourself and you made sure that you rose again, shining brighter than ever. 

In spite of the trauma and adversities, your resilience sets an example for others, to not give up in life no matter how difficult the situation is, giving up should never be an option. Facing the hardships in the face is what makes you dauntless. Yes it's true that the adversities did break you down, but you didn't let it destroy you, instead it molded you up into a stronger and a better version of yourself. 

They tried to pluck your petals but you didn't let them extirpate the roots, because they tried every possible way to break you into pieces, but you my warrior showed them what strong is, you didn't let yourself down. And these adversities didn't leave you shattered, they in fact made you blossom into a totally new and different person, who learned with her experiences to grow stronger and shine brighter, no matter how many ebb and flow came across her way. 

You took a charge over your life, instead of blaming others for the ruination caused, because you understood that it was a crucial learning experience for you with the uncertainties coming along. And what is going to define you, will be how you emerge from these vicissitudes, instead of falling apart. And it was your wit and patience that made you who you are today. 

Struggles in life are real and change is the only constant is life. You understood this very well, because you knew that life will not always be a walk on the cake or a walk on the ashes. Time keeps changing, so after the dark night, sun will rise the next morning, bringing a hope of a better and a brighter future ahead of you and this belief is what kept you going ahead in your life. 

Love is the most ethereal emotion one can have and it sets you free because it lets you be you. And the people who love you would not want you to change and love yourself less, in fact they try to bring out the best in you, because they will always motivate you to follow your dreams and with your accomplishments in life, adding a feather to your cap is what will make them happy. 

The people who love you, would always want you to shine bright and where your light was being tried to bedimmed, you chose to walk away in peace because that was the right thing to do because you chose not be get wobbled away from those, who didn't let you be you.

You chose to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and that's what sets you free. You chose to walk away in peace because you chose your pride and dignity over anything else and you knew deep inside that you didn't belong to a place that will bog you down and try to dim your light. You are magic and it's the light inside you that makes you real in this not so real world. 

You are one strong women, an invincible warrior, who didn't just transform overnight. It was a journey filled with hardships, obstacles, adversities and what not and it took every ounce of you in becoming who you are today. And the best part is, you are now happy and you have learned to love yourself through this journey. 

YOU ARE ALL WONDER WOMEN. And don't let a single person on this planet define who you are, because only you can do that for yourself. You know your true self. And no one better than you will know that. Be the author of your life and love yourself enough so that you don't leave any stone unturned in converting your dreams into reality. Because you are reborn from the ashes and you chose to rise like a phoenix.

As it's truly said, you have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life. So be proud of who you are and keep rising high because you are meant to shine bright.

She is warrior and she knows how to fight her battles.
She knows how to turn her pain into power. 
She is you, and she is every women, who in spite of the impediments in her life, chooses to rise and shine. 

Lots of love to all you WONDER WOMEN. 

From me to you

I hope you resonated with my words because they were written keeping all you wonder women in my mind. And kindly let me know in the comments below, how you like my post SHE ROSE LIKE A PHOENIX.


  1. Girls r d strongest 💪💓
    Lots of love 🥰

  2. Girls power 💪
    Love n respect to dat 💯👏

  3. "She rose like a Phoenix" wow!this is truly an uplifting and inspiring post. Thanks for the motivation.��

  4. "She rose like a Phoenix" wow!this is truly an uplifting and inspiring post. Thanks for the motivation.

  5. I really did resonate with your words❤️

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  8. thankyou so much for sharing this wounderfull bloG.Amazing write up

  9. Simply wonderful

  10. I am amazing, you are amazing.... Each woman is amazing <3

  11. You deserve a lot more views 😇😍 awesome content 👏 👏



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