Sunday, 8 August 2021


It's a poetry, composed in the state of being lost in the world of dreams.

The game of love


Walking down the lane

Thinking about the same.

Now that you are gone 

Nothing feels the same.

Stars don't shine the way they did

Moon just looks so pale.

Food with you tasted better 

Drinks just felt insane.

Now that it makes me ponder

Was it really love or was it just a game.

From me to you

- This Ecstatic Soul Writes

LOVE, it truly is the most divine feeling in the world. And there is no other feeling like love, because the emotions that it brings with itself are unparalleled. But sometimes, A LOT LIKE LOVE is actually NOT LIKE LOVE, and that's when you have to understand what it actually is, and not what you think it is.

Falling in love and the experience of it, is not always merry and bright. Sometimes, it might feel like a walk on the petals of roses, but sometimes it might also feel like a walk on thorny bushes. 

LOVE is a beautiful emotion, but sometimes you are so blinded by the emotions and feelings attached to it, that you ignore the difference between what is right and wrong and what is acceptable and what is not. You become so lost in your world of dreams that you happily ignore the red flags and you ignore yourself to an extend that, you lose yourself completely. 

You are so blinded by the emotions, that you overlook the storm that is right in front of you and then, even your mind and heart starts deluding you, because you are just not ready to differentiate and understand, what is good for you and what is not, and in this whole process you wobble away from the most important realities, that are your dreams, your goals, your worth, and yourself.

Don't sacrifice yourself for your love to an extend that you lose yourself completely and then later in life, you have to move mountains to search and find yourself again and get a hold on your life.

Yes it's true that moving on is not easy, because the not so good memories of the past don't leave you so easily and they always try to muddle up with your mind and heart. And sometimes just when you feel like, you have finally moved on, but then out of the blue, that one little thought hinders up the whole process, and makes it even more arduous for you to get ahead in your life. 

Losing a loved one is never easy and it's one of the most dreadful emotion to go through and things just don't feel the same after they are gone because it's difficult for you to accept that their chapter in your book of life is over. Even if it was an unfortunate one, you still don't gather the energy and channelize the whole situation and try to understand, that it was just not right for you.

But it's ok, you deserve your own time to accept things, understand and heal, and gradually overcome the adversities and become a better version of yourself, coming out stronger than ever.

What you can do during the process is, recall the memories (the unpleasant ones) of the past and realize what you were actually doing with your life then. Was that how you have dreamt it to be, sluggish and lifeless, with no identity of your own. Or you have had dreams to work upon and goals to accomplish for your present and future. Just close your eyes and reminiscence the days and ponder, was that really something that you deserved, a phase where you had to compromise with your self worth and where you had no identity of your own. Or you think that you deserve something in life that will make you feel alive and worthy, and having your own identity. 

You have to realize, what you were then, and what you can be now, that's when you will understand that it's high time for you to move on in your life and flourish, by choosing and loving yourself and converting your dreams into reality and staying happy and at peace. If not now, when? Ask this question to yourself and this realization will be a game changer for you. So, it's time for you to open your eyes wide, so that you can see, what you couldn't see with your eyes closed and understand that you deserve love, you deserve happiness, you deserve respect, you deserve peace and you are worthy of everything that's meant to be for you.

Your past has already polluted your past, at least now don't let it pollute your present and future as well. Your present and future lies only in your hands. Realize that, the most influential person in your life is you and don't ever handover the keys of your life in somebody's else's hand, keep them with yourself and live your life as you want it to. 

So, start by talking right to yourself. How you talk to yourself and what you say to yourself matters. Because words matter, and the words that matter the most are the ones you say to yourself. When you will start having a positive conversation with yourself, that's when things will change favourably and it will act as a benediction to your soul.

Not feeling at home and at peace around certain people is a sign that you are trying to get from the universe, so don't ever ignore those signs, because with the right people and at the right places, the energies feel just so right and you feel at home with them.  

And thank god every single day for what you are blessed with and also for ending the unpleasant chapter from the book of your life, because life is beautiful and there is so much to explore every single day on this ride. So what if you fall, that's when you will rise and learn and become stronger than you were yesterday. 

ESSENCE OF THE POEM - The first four stanzas are written in the state of being lost in the foolery of false love and the dreamy world where everything seems dull and incomplete without your love and by the end of it, in the last stanza comes a realization of the truth, pondering over the game of love


It was an unpleasant phase, not an unpleasant life.

Be in love, but don't be blind in love.

Take your time to accept, understand and heal.

Don't lose hope and have patience, even in the most catastrophic conditions. 

Love yourself.

This too shall pass.

And yes life goes on, come what may. 

Stay happy people, realize that you are worthy of a beautiful life. Let go of stress and breathe. 


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