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This post is a dedication from a daughter to all the daughters, to let you all know, that you are precious.

Daughters Are A Blessing

Daughters, the most beauteous creation of god, and god created you because he wanted humans to believe in miracles and witness the miracle on earth in front of their eyes in the form of human as daughters, the most precious ones. 

You are called angels, not just for the sake of being called one, but you truly are an angel in the lives of the people you are in, and your existence is enough to bring a smile on the face of your loved ones.

"Daughters are angels on earth, in the form of humans to perform miracles."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

You are beautiful, because you are you, and don't let anything or anyone on this earth change that for you. I want to redefine the definition of beautiful for you, to let you know that :

You are beautiful, because you are fierce and strong.

You are beautiful, because you are real. 

You are beautiful, because you are brave and powerful. 

You are beautiful, because you are independent. 

You are beautiful, because you are quirky and flawed. 

You are beautiful, because you dare to dream. 

You are beautiful, because you believe in yourself.

You are beautiful, because you value love.

You are beautiful, because you make your dreams come true.

You are beautiful, just the way you are. 

Daughters, the most precious creation and god's greatest blessing in the lives of the parents. To a father, 

She is a mother, when it comes to taking care of him.

She is a friend, when it comes to playing a sport with him.

She is a teacher, when it comes to teaching the nitty gritty of technology to him.

She is working partner, when it comes to handling work with him.

And to a mother,

She becomes a friend, who guides her.

She becomes a parent, when it comes to taking care of her.

She becomes a working partner, when it comes to helping her in work. 

She becomes a teacher, when it comes to teaching her the basics and essentials of technology.

She becomes a mentor, in guiding and motivating her mother to follow her dreams. 

That's how beautiful and loving a daughter is. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to bring a smile on her parents face, and knowing that she is the reason behind those happy and content faces, makes her the happiest person on earth. 

It's a benediction to the soul of the one's who are blessed with a daughter in their life. Because the myriad love of a daughter for her parents and the love of parents for their daughter is unparalleled, and nothing can ever compare to that.

To all the Dear Daughters,

You are magic. You are life. You are god's child. You are everything a parent aspires from a child and you are irrefutably the most miraculous creation of god, and if you ever have a doubt about that, kindly ask your dad, because you mean the world to him. 

I don't know if you get to hear this often, but I want to tell you all as a daughter, that I am proud of you all, because I know life hasn't been a walk on the cake for you and things haven't been easy and you have been facing challenges throughout your life, but in spite of the onerous circumstances and hardships, you every time came back stronger than ever, and that is what makes you a warrior, who in spite of the predicaments in life, didn't lose hope and kept working hard. 

No matter how many curve balls life throws at you, don't ever question your strength, because you are stronger than you know you are. Even the setbacks couldn't hamper your growth process, because you stood strong and you didn't let them wobble you. The strength that you have within yourself is indubitably the greatest one, and nothing in this world can ever surpass that. 

You were sent on earth to make miracles happen, because god believed in you. So, no matter what comes your way, through every ebb and flow you come across in your life, you don't have to stop believing in yourself, instead follow your dreams and accomplish the goals that you want to attain in life. 

Do what makes you happy, because you deserve every bit of happiness in your life. From what you were to where you are now, has taken every ounce of your breath and blood to build you back into a stronger version of yourself. You deserve happiness in your life, and anything which holds you back from the happiness that you are worthy of, shouldn't be a part of your life anymore. 

Live your life the way you want to, because it is your life and no one else's and you are answerable to no one for living the life the way you want to. You deserve a life brimmed with myriad love, care, happiness, peace, respect and everything that you wish for in your life. 

In this journey of life, don't take yourself for granted and love yourself enough because you owe yourself the love and care and prioritize your feelings over what people think of you, because it's your life and the only person who has the right over your life is you and only you. So, love yourself every single day and respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that makes you compromise with your worth, your values and your self-respect. 

You will often come across people in your life, who will hinder your growth process and will try to  stagger you away from your goals and dreams, that's when you have to, not let the opinion, words and actions of others, deviate you from your goals and dreams and show them, that you can pull out all the stops and move ahead in your life and eventually bring yourself closer to what you want to achieve in life.  

You are a warrior, who has a strong personality with the power and ability to speak for herself and live a life with utmost dignity and honour. And no one can ever shake or break you down, because you are blessed by the almighty. 

"Oh beautiful women, unfold your wings and fly high."

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

A virtual hug to all the daughters.

Lots of love

From me to you

( "Betiyan paraya dhan nahi, betiyan mata pita ka maan hoti hai, woh parayi kaise kehla sakti hai, jabki unse zyada apna koi nahi hota, mata pita k liye." )

We live in a society, where few people still call their daughters "paraya dhan". Anyone who thinks, that a daughter is a paraya dhan and her real home is that of her in - laws, is so not the right thing to say and believe in. Because that's not how it is. Our daughters are our pride and not paraya dhan, so kindly stop treating them like one, be it the family that is born in or the family that she will move in after marriage. 

We are all equals and we are entitled to the human rights equally. Every daughter needs to be empowered, because she is entitled to the basic human rights, without any kind of discrimination. She has the right and she is free to choose what is right for her and what is not.

She has the right to speak and a right to have a say in the society. 

She has the right to fulfill her dreams.

She has the right to live a life, the way she wants to live.

She has the right to make her own choices and decisions.

She has the right to be treated equally, because she is entitled to the basic human rights. 

So, let's take a vow to treat every human being equally, irrespective of their gender and wish all the daughters not just a happy but an empowering daughters day and let us all celebrate together the beauty of empowerment. 

I wish all you beautiful daughters a very Happy and Empowering Daughters Day 2021

From a daughter to another.

Here are a few heartfelt messages and wishes that you can send to the beloved daughters to let them know they are precious and thank them for being the most wonderful part of your lives. 

To a daughter who has always stood up for herself, Happy Daughters Day Love. 

Happy Daughters Day to the warrior, who didn't give up, in spite of the ups and downs in life. 

Thank you for adding colors to our life little angel, Happy Daughters Day. 

Happy Daughters Day to the world's best daughter, you are the best daughter one could ask for. 

To the sunshine of our life. Happy Daughters Day. 

Happy Daughters Day to the one I am proud of. 

Happy Daughters Day to our darling princess. Thank you for bringing immense joy to our life.

Happy Daughters Day precious. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us. 

You are born to shine princess. Happy Daughters Day. 

Happy Daughters Day to the most beautiful person I know. 

Kindly let me know in the comments below, if you resonated with my words on the post DAUGHTERS ARE A BLESSING


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  2. Daughter's, the most beauteous creation of God and he created them because he wanted humans to believe in miracles. WOW,So true.

  3. Happy International Daughters Day 2021! Although, a single day is not even to celebrate and express love to the daughters around the world. Just like we also have International Daughters' Day celebrated on September 26. πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’•...



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