Thursday, 9 September 2021


A poetry dipped in the magic of love.

Just In Love

The fairy lights 

and the fluttering fireflies.

A cup of coffee

on a winter night.              

The glistering stars

and the flickering moon.

Gazing at the sky

until it turns blue.

Me and you

making our dreams come true.

"Love doesn't need a voice that speaks, all it needs is a heart that beats. "

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

"I Love You". Say this to your special someone and dedicate this poetry to them and let them know how deep is your love for them and how beautiful are the moments that the two of you spend together. And life seems so much better, when they are around. 

Not everything special, that is whole heartedly done, needs to be over the top and extravagant. Sometimes, a sweet little moment of love with your partner, can make you feel over the moon. It's just the honest intention that matters, rather than the fancy words and gifts. 

LOVE, it truly is the most ethereal feeling in the world, and there is no bigger happiness in life, than loving someone and being loved by someone is. When in love, everything seems magical and world suddenly starts looking like a better place to live in, because it changes everything within you and on the outside. 

Yes it's true that love has it's own language and sometimes it's the silence that speaks a thousand words and not speaking a word, sometimes conveys it all. But to let your special one know, how much you love them, expression of thoughts, emotions and feelings plays a very essential role, which will be possible only when, you will communicate to them about the same. So, if you haven't said it yet, then let your special person know, how much you love them and how blessed you feel you are, to have them in your life. 

When you love someone, you don't just love them for what they are, but you love them for what you are, when you are with them. You not just love them for what they have made of themselves, but you love them for what they are making of you. You love them because they introduced you to a part of you, that you were unaware of, with the intention of bringing out the best in you. That's how love is and that's how two people deeply in love, feel for each other. 

When in love, just a glimpse of your partner is enough to bring a smile on your face. Just a glance of them is enough for your heart to start smiling and for your eyes to start shining, because it's the myriad love that you have for each other and the hope that the love that you both have for one other is eternal, and nothing in this world can ever change that.

Imagine yourself with the love of your life, sitting next to them, with your head on their shoulder, gazing at the sky, and let the stars and the moon witness your love and hours of your endless conversations, till the sky turns blue. That's how real and precious the little moments of love and happiness are, because when you are with them, it's the tiniest of moments that matter the most. 

LOVE is the most beautiful emotion one can have because when you are with your special someone, you can just be your authentic self, with no filter on and you can converse about anything and everything, be it your life, your dreams, your strengths, your weaknesses, your failures, your achievements, your highs and lows and whatever you want to, because you know that they will not judge you and will never ask you to change for them, but will help you evolve in every possible way. 

The person you are in love with, will always want the best for you in life and they will stay by your side through thick and thin and they will leave no stone unturned in motivating you to fulfill your dreams and live your life to the fullest. And this eventually will make your love for them grow deeper and stronger. 

LOVE is a food for your soul, because it brings happiness, peace and harmony into your life. It is the most blissful feeling ever. The feeling of tranquil with your special one, is just so ethereal. It surpasses all the other emotions, be it the emotions of melancholy, enrage or any sort of negative emotion, because love conquers all. 

ESSENCE OF THE POEM - When two people in love, even the tiniest of moments like enjoying your favourite cup of coffee, sitting under the sky, with the fireflies, the stars and the moon as a witness to your never ending conversations from sunset to sunrise feels like heaven, because you have always dreamt of sweet moments like these and now living them for real feels ethereal. 

Just so perfect! Two people in love! Living their dream! Truly, Madly and Deeply! 

For different people, love might hold a different meaning to it, but the emotions that you experience in your life when in love are unsurpassed, and nothing can ever compare to that. 

True love is rare and if you have that special someone in your life, who truly loves you, hold on to them and never ever let them go. 

Rise in love, because that's how love exactly is. When in love with the right person, you rise in life as well. 

And share this poetry with your loved one and let them know, how much you love them and how every little moment spend with them is truly magical. 

And do let me know in the comments below, how you like my post, JUST IN LOVE.



  1. Beautiful ❤️Keep going❤️

  2. I pray dat ur all wishes come true 👍

    1. Thank you Neha ❤️
      I wish the same for you as well.

  3. Beautiful arrangement of words..!! 😇

    “You love them because they introduced you to a part of you, that you were unaware of, with the intention of bringing out the best in you”~ best line

    You are an amazing writer yaar… keep going

  4. You explained a perfect moment so perfectly.



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