Thursday, 16 September 2021


It's time for each one of us to normalize the normal things in life. 

Normalize The Normal

Normalize loving yourself first. 
Normalize speaking your heart out.
Normalize getting judged.
Normalize speaking against the unjust. 
Normalize walking away from negative people and places. 
Normalize prioritizing yourself over others.
Normalize taking a stand for yourself. 
Normalize embracing your flaws.
Normalize choosing respect over love.
Normalize ending toxic relationships.
Normalize prioritizing your self-respect over everything else.
Normalize chasing your dreams and fulfilling them. 
Normalize getting rid of anything that doesn't let you be you.

From me to you 

~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

In a world that we live in, it has become such a big deal to normalize what is normal. As a matter of fact, people have actually made a fuss out of it, which is supposedly uncalled for. And I am sure you all might have come across people in your lives, who have all the time in the world to intrude into the lives of others. 

In spite of being surrounded by people with obtrusive behaviour, develop the habit of not getting affected by it because it's just not worth your time and energy. Instead, just be your authentic self, do your thing, focus on yourself, work hard to accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams and do what makes you feel happy and at peace. 

So let's get started. 

Normalize loving yourself first - Love is irrefutably the most beautiful emotion one can ever have. And so is the love for oneself. Because love is love, be it loving others or loving yourself, it holds the same meaning for everyone. And anyone who thinks that self-love makes you self-centered, probably haven't understood the meaning of it yet, so just don't care about it, it's your life and not theirs. And as a matter of fact, self-love doesn't make you selfish, it simply means that you care about yourself in every aspect and there is nothing wrong in that.

As, self-love is very significant in all the aspects of life, but we often underestimate the power of it, and take ourselves for granted and forget loving ourselves in the process. But this is supposedly not the right thing to do. You have to understand that it's normal to love yourself, because love starts from within and it's the most normal thing to do. Self-love doesn't make you selfish, it just makes you indifferent towards those who hurt you. Because loving yourself doesn't makes you a person who doesn't care about the well being of others, it just makes you put your mental and emotional well being first. 

So, you owe the love and care to yourself, because it's your life, and the only person who has the right over your life is you, so don't let others wobble you from, what is best for you and what is meant to be yours. 

"Knowing that you are enough is what makes you exceptional."
~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

Normalize speaking your heart out - Speak what your heart says to you, keeping in mind, the person, place and time, whenever and where ever it is supposed to be said. 

In a world, where people usually tremble from speaking their heart out, be someone who speaks their heart, without hesitation, whenever and where ever it is required, because there is nothing wrong in that and you have all the right to speak for what you think and believe in. 

Speaking your heart out doesn't make you wrong, bad or rude, in fact it makes you a person with a pure heart who believes in speaking the truth, rather than telling a lie which is sugar coated. It's always better to speak your heart with the truth rather than saying something which might sound nice and comfort someone in the meanwhile but in the long run, a truth said, which is a little discomforting today, will always be better than something that is fallacious. 

You might come across a lot of situations in life, where you are suppose to speak your heart, so you should do the same because in the long run it will be of great help to you and you will thank yourself later, because a life lived with no regrets is anyway better than the one with many. 

Normalize getting judged - Every single person is being judged today, because getting judged has become a part of our lives. Every single day we are being judged for something or the other. And sometimes we are judged over something we are completely unaware of, that's how normal these days, getting judged has become.

So it's absolutely ok if you are being judged by someone for whatever reason known or unknown to you. If you are in existence, getting judged is normal because both goes hand in hand. If you do something, you will be judged, if you don't, still you will be judged, so just do your thing and don't let the judgements and opinion of others wobble you from what you want to do in life.

You have been blessed with a life from the almighty, so don't waste your precious emotions, time and energy on thinking what others might think of you, because that should not be of your concern. You should concentrate on your life, in making your dreams come true, in accomplishing your goals, in loving yourself and your loved ones and do whatever makes you happy and at peace. 

Let them judge you, because if they had better things to do in their life, they wouldn't have the time and energy to sit and judge others. So, you live your life to the fullest and live freely.

Normalize walking away from negative people and places - You often come across people and circumstances in your life, where you are surrounded by negative people in a pernicious environment, that doesn't let you grow and flourish. Because a person with a negative mindset has so much negativity within them, that they only look for negativity around and the environment that they live in, has so much negativity to it, that it becomes difficult to live in an environment like that.  

If you ever come across some people and circumstances, that deplete your energy and doesn't let you be you and where you have to compromise with your well being, self respect, values and self-worth, all you have to do is walk away in peace and choose yourself because you don't belong there. 

You deserve a life filled with tranquil and positivity. Wherein you have only those people around you,  who fill up your life with love and positivity and an environment which is not detrimental for you and your well being.  So, love yourself enough to walk away in peace, from anything that brings out the stress in you and no longer grows you, because you must know that you are enough and you are meant to flourish.

Normalize prioritizing your self-respect over everything else - If you will not respect yourself, then who will. Never compromise with your self-respect, no matter what. Self-respect is everything. Don't give someone the capacity to degrade you and treat you the way they want to. Nobody has the right to treat you in the wrong manner and make you coercively compromise with your self-respect. 

Sometimes you often make the mistake of tolerating disrespectful behaviour out of blind love for the other person, or out of fear of losing them, or not loving yourself enough, and this further leads you to compromise to an extend that it becomes detrimental for you and your self-worth.  

It is your dignity and integrity that dictates, how you see yourself, and how you let others see you.  Your values, your self-worth, your self-respect is precious, so don't ever let someone ruin it. Detach yourself from people and places, where you have to settle for something less than you are worthy of. 

If you ever find yourself in a situation, where you are ill treated and you have to compromise with your self-respect, just walk away, because you don't belong there and you deserve every bit of love and respect and everything that you wish for in your life.

Normalize embracing your flaws - Nobody is perfect and we all know that, still why is it so difficult for us to accept our flaws and embrace them. 

There are two kinds of flaws : - 

The one's which cannot be changed no matter what, and
The one's which can be altered and worked upon. 

We are all flawed, and there is not a single person who isn't. But how gracefully we deal with it and accept it, depends on us. There are some things and circumstances in life that cannot be changed, so it's better to accept them as it is, instead of grumbling over it. The more you will grumble and get vexed with it, the more you will be at a war with yourself. Because being in a war with yourself, will hamper your mental peace and well being, instead what you must do is, realize that you cannot do anything about it and accept it gracefully. 

On the other hand, there are some things that can be altered and worked upon. So, if you are not satisfied with something about yourself or something that has accidently or unfortunately occurred in your life, you don't have to give up and lose hope then, instead gather the energy and courage and work upon yourself and try to become better than how you were yesterday. And instead of complaining about the situation and running away from it, accept the situation, deal with it with courage and take your time to get over it.

So, to live a peaceful life and not let the thunderstorm within you and around you, wobble you away from the necessary things in life, you have to learn to accept and embrace your flaws and work upon those which can be altered or changed.

Normalize ending toxic relationships - A relationship that is toxic, ends up muddling up with your head and heart. It drains away your energy and peace and leaves you in a situation which is filled with anxiety, suffering, melancholy, and disgust. And nobody wants to live in an environment which is detrimental for their physical and mental well being.

So, if you ever find yourself in a toxic relationship, or come across someone with toxic behaviour,  instead of tolerating that kind of wrong behaviour and ignoring the red flags, walk away from that person and the relationship. Because the more you will tolerate, the more leverage you will give the other person to behave in a manner they shouldn't. 

A relationship is meant to bloom and the individuals in the relationship bring out the best in each other. But a toxic relationship brings out the worse in you and stresses you up to a level that it hampers your well being. 

You have to respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that manipulates with your mind and thought process and serves you with everything that is not wishful in life. Walk away in peace and choose yourself over the toxic relationship, which is not letting you lead a happy and peaceful life and impeding your growth process as well. 

Normalize speaking against the unjust and taking a stand for yourself - If you ever come across a situation in life where you get a chance to speak against the unjust, don't hesitate to. Speak out loud against the people who are wrong and who take the undue advantage, instead of feeling guilty. 

Speaking against the unjust and taking a stand for yourself will never be easy, but it will be totally worth the time, effort and the energy that you give in. Because the truth and genuine efforts can never go in vain, no matter what. 

"If they try to break you down, show them what strong is."
~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

When you take a stand for yourself, you also set an example for others and inspire them to speak against the unjust and unfair and not lose hope, in spite of the predicaments, that come across your way. Because you are a true warrior, and no one can break you down and not anything in this world can ever let you give up in life. 

So, take a stand for yourself and speak against what you don't feel is right, because it's normal to do so. What's not normal is tolerating the unjust and not taking a stand for yourself. 

Normalize chasing your dreams and fulfilling them - A life without a purpose in it, is aimless and not worth living. So, dare to believe that you can chase your dreams and fulfill them no matter what comes your way. 

Have faith in yourself that you are worthy of fulfilling your dreams, and don't get wobbled away with the fear of not being able to fulfill your dreams, because you can, if you believe in yourself. Have the courage to fight and leave no stone unturned in accomplishing your goals and converting your dreams in reality. 

Chasing your dreams and fulfilling them will be the best that you can do for yourself. And when you will see your accomplished dreams in front of your eyes, that feeling will be a pure bliss and nothing can ever compare to that. 

Give in all your hard work, discipline, dedication, time, patience, efforts and whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams. Give it your all, because it will be totally worth it. And live your life to the fullest and fight for your dreams because only you can do that for yourself. So, never ever give up in life and hold on to your dreams until you fulfill them. 

                             Choose you, Be you, and normalize getting rid of anything that doesn't let you be you. Because you are you and there can be no one like you. You have your own individual identity, so what is the point of living a life where you can't be yourself, instead walk away from anything that doesn't let you be you. And live your life the way you want to live, with accomplished goals, fulfilled dreams, loved ones around and a happy, dignified and a peaceful life. 

Life is beautiful and always seek for the reasons to make it worth living and even more beautiful. And don't forget to NORMALIZE THE NORMAL. 

All the best!

And kindly let me know in the comments section below, what is your say on my post NORMALIZE THE NORMAL. And do add on to this never ending list of Normalizing the Normal. 



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