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Hello people! Do you even know, you are a miracle on earth and the super powers that you have within you, can leave people flabbergasted. Yes, that's for real. 

You Are Magic

You are all the magicians of your life and you have the magic within you, you just have dig deep inside within yourself, to make it happen. 

Don't look for magic in someone else or around you, try seeking it within you and see how it works. 
~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes

You have to understand that the only person who is capable of looking beyond the obvious for yourself, is you and only you. You have to start looking beyond, what is obvious and start looking beyond the horizon, because only then you will see the opportunities and the infinite possibilities for you to succeed in life and make your dreams come true. 

For the magic to occur in your life, you have to make it happen. And rely only on yourself and not others. Because your magic lies within you, so don't try to look for it, in someone else, but yourself. And keep in mind, some of these points and let yourself know, you are meant to shine. 

Never underestimate yourself - You are all special in your own way, and that's what makes you, who you are. You don't even know how magical and miraculous you are, because you often make the mistake of underestimating yourself and that's what leads you to settling for less than what you deserve. You underestimate yourself because you lack the vision and belief, that you are capable of having much more in life and this thought process leads you into doubting yourself in accomplishing your dreams and goals.

Underestimating yourself, closes a lot of doors of possibilities and opportunities for you, because you are so driven by self doubt, that you don't consider yourself worthy of what you deserve in life, and this further leads you to not exploring new things in life, because coming out of your cocoon of self doubt is what you are scared of. 

You have to realize and understand that you are much more stronger and capable of who you think you are, and for this to happen, you have to get rid of self doubt and underestimating yourself. The day you will realize that you are worthy of anything you aspire to be, your life will change for the good, your dreams will come true, your goals will be accomplished, your wishes will be fulfilled, and you will introduce yourself to a new and a better version of yourself. A version who will not  underestimate their super power of creating magic, because you will finally realize that your magic lies within you.

Don't compare yourself to others - You are you, and nobody can be you, and that's your super power. You have to understand that you are one unique personality, and there can be no one like you, you are as special as, you can think of being. Work hard on yourself, challenge yourself, and test your boundaries and become the best version of yourself, because it's your life and it is your unique journey, which can never be compared to others. 

We are all different, we are all at different stages in life, our journeys are different, our strengths and limitations are different, our backgrounds are different, our experiences are different, everything is just so different from the other and it is such a foolery to compare our lives with somebody's else's because it just cannot be compared and there is no root to it and the thing which has no root to itself, cannot be into existence of any kind. 

It's futile to compare yourself to others and their journey with yours. Instead develop the right attitude of comparing yourself with who and how you were yesterday. Shift your focus and energy on yourself and your journey and do what it takes to bring out the best in you, because you should know that, you have it in you for the magic to take place. 

Keep your willpower strong - Life is unpredictable and also a path of uncertainties, and you never know what comes next because life is like that. It is a journey of ebb and flow, so to keep at it with the right pace, you have to make the changes accordingly. And it is your willpower which will keep you going no matter what comes your way, because willpower is one of the most essential ability to achieve your desired goals in life. It is that magical power which helps you becoming the person who you really want to be. 

Sometimes you lack the will and determination in yourself, because you lose the vision and get wobbled away by the internal and external factors influencing you, and that further leads into, you not being able to accomplish your goals. So, to not get trembled away, you have to keep your willpower strong and it a gradual process which gets build up with patience and practice over a period of time. 

So, never ever give up in life, even in the most catastrophic conditions because your willpower can move mountains, and if you will keep your willpower strong and intact, you can achieve anything that you wish for in life, by creating a new reality and perform miracles and you will see the best version of yourself because the word "giving up" will never be found in your dictionary, no matter what comes your way. 

Self - Belief is the key - If you want to achieve something in life with all your heart and soul, you must believe in yourself. It is about having the appropriate amount of confidence within you, to complete a particular task and accomplish a desired goal in life. You have to recognize and realize your abilities and potentials that you are capable of everything that you wish for in life. 

Self - belief is the foundation, and a building cannot be build on a weak foundation because everything else lies on it. Everything starts from within, and if you lack the ability to believe in yourself, then you cannot attain what you wish for in life, because if you will not believe in yourself, then who else will. With self - belief you will be able to overcome the hurdles, accomplish your goals, fulfill your dreams, and attain whatever you wish for in life.

In a situation, where the whole world might conspire to be against you, but there is that one person who no matter what comes your way, will stick by you through thick and thin and that one person is you, nobody can shake and break you then. Because people who believe in themselves, can take care of anything in life and even the most catastrophic situations cannot break them and wobble them away, from their goals and dreams. So, have faith and believe in yourself, because if you will not, then who else will. 

Always keep repeating this line to yourself, because this will be a game changer for you and will help you seek for magic within you :

"I CAN DO IT", no matter what comes my why. I always have and I always will. 

Don't lose hope and stay positive - Hope is such a powerful thing, that it's miracles are beyond our imaginations. It has the capability to move mountains and can change your life for the good. So, if you want to create magic in your life and achieve the impossible, then never ever lose hope in life, because hope is that one thing that keeps you going, no matter what comes your way. 

Hope keeps you motivated and inspired to not give up in life through the adverse situations and the worst case scenarios. It helps you overcome the hurdles that you face in life and helps you in fulfilling your dreams thereby leading you to a better well being, because a hopeful person is anyway far better than one who is not. So, no matter what, hope should be a constant in your life, because you cannot create magic without the hope of attaining it. 

Never ever underestimate the power of positivity, because your positive approach towards life helps you attain your goals and fulfill your dreams. You will obviously come across hardships in life, because they are a part of it, but what makes you stand out is your approach towards it. Having a positive mindset even in the most adverse situations, doesn't let you give up in life. Because it's your thought process that can make or break you, and one positive thought acts like a ray of hope, which changes the whole game and brings you closer to your dreams. 

So, to seek for the magic within you, hope and positive thinking is of vital importance. 

Stay determined and work hard - Hard work pays off. It might take some time, but it definitely will payoff. Just stay determined. In order to fulfill your dreams you have to work hard, for it to come true and keep at it in spite of the adversities you come across the journey. Our journey of life is incomplete if we don't have dreams to fulfill and goals to accomplish and to live a life worth living, we should stick to our goals and dreams and leave no stone unturned in converting them into reality. 

Name one successful person who has achieved a lot in their lives of their own, by not working hard. I don't think so, there is anyone who is on top and has done no hard work in the process. Because it's not possible to build your name in this competitive world without working smart and determined hard work. Of course hard work alone cannot do wonders, it has to be accompanied by a lot other other things, to achieve your desired goal. But with hard work, smart work is also very important. The right way to make use of your potential, in the right place, and at the right time, is also very important. 

So, if you have dreams to fulfill, then keep at it. Stay determined, work hard and work smart and pull out all the stops, to convert your dreams into reality. Because it is the determination and hard work that will keep you going and bring out the hidden magic that lies within you. 

Be brave and courageous - Every step taken forward with courage, will take you closer to your dreams and goals. Your outlook towards life will be determined by your ability to deal with grim situations gracefully with courage.

Courage will help you bring out the best in you because it will not let you give up in life and if you will learn to not give up in life, no matter what, with every passing day, you will see a better version of yourself and it will bring you closer to your goals and dreams. And then, there will be a day in front of your eyes, where you will be living a life, just the way you wanted to, with accomplished dreams, overcoming all the obstacles. 

Sometimes all it takes is, just a tiny moment of courage.
~ This Ecstatic Soul Writes 

Life is not always a cake walk, and you will indubitably come across adversities that will test your every single moment, of your days of hardships, and it will be your courageous approach then, that will not let you give up and help you attain your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Sometimes a decision taken in one tiny moment of courage, in the right direction is all that it takes to change your life for the better and you will finally realize in the process, that your magic lies within you.

Take risks - Whatever you do in life, risk is that one thing that is irrefutable. And till the time you will not take risks, how will you know, what is best for you and what is not. If you develop the ability to take risk, you can then make use of your potential and capabilities to the fullest. And only then you will know what opportunities lies in front of you and how can you make the most out of it. 

Have the will to do things. In spite of knowing, that you might not get a positive outcome out of something, is what makes you a risk taker, because you are not afraid of taking chances, till you do not succeed. A risk taker strive for the best in life because they know that they deserve every bit of of what they desire to achieve. 

Dare to take risk, because life is about taking chances, you either win, or you learn, there is no question of losing, because the myriad learnings, the experiences and the knowledge that you gain while taking risks, teaches you a lot in life because you are not scared of failure, instead you are open to explore new and different things in life which will gain you success and introduce you to the magic within you. 

Step out of your comfort zone - To strive for the magic within you, you have to step out of your cocoon of comfort zone, only then you will know, there is so much for you that life has to offer. In order to bring out the best in you, you have to step out and take chances, only then you will know and understand your capabilities and make full utilization of them. 

Comfort zone is that obstacle that stands between you and your dreams, because you get scared of taking chances and leaving your zone of comfort. Staying in your comfort zone for months and years, make you habitual and comfortable of the environment you are in. And this comfort doesn't let you explore the new and take risk, because you become resistant to change and that hinders your efficiency, productivity and growth process as well. 

When you will step out of your comfort zone, the experience that you will gain will be unparalleled, to what you have gained till now. Stepping out of your comfort zone, accelerates your journey towards attaining your goals in life. So, strive to convert your dreams into reality by stepping out of your cocoon. And always remember that you are much more capable of you think you are. And take that extra mile and get closer to your dreams and goals. 

Comeback after a setback - Failure is a part of life, and one of the most influential learning experience. Can you name a single person who hasn't failed in their life. I don't think so, because their isn't any. But I am sure you can name a plenty of those, who have comeback stronger than ever after they have gone through a major setback in their life. 

And that's where the real challenge lies in, what you choose to do with your life after a failure. The choice is absolutely yours. You can either :

Sit back and whine over the failure, or
Fight and comeback stronger than ever. 

Don't let failure wobble you from achieving your dreams. Realize that the magic lies within you and it is your super power that helps you comeback standing strong, after the major setback in your life. So, no matter what comes your way and how adverse the situation is, you always have to make your way after the setbacks, because it is the failures that will teach you a lot in life and the experience that you will gain after these setbacks will be worth every effort. 

That's how life is, you win some, you lose some, be it success or failure. It is an experience that teaches you to look beyond the horizons of winning or losing, instead take it as a learning experience and never ever give up in life and make a comeback with a feather in your cap. 

Life might hit you hard in the face, but that's when you have to show life that no matter how hard it may hit, giving up is not in your dictionary. And you will keep moving forward in life, no matter what comes your way. You will always shoot for the sky amidst the storm, because you know that life is beautiful. 

So, Keep Rising and Keep Shining! 

And kindly drop your feedback in the comments below, on my post YOU ARE MAGIC. And don't ever forget that you are a warrior who is born to shine. 



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