About me

Hello, I'm Konica Juneja from India. I am a business person by choice and a blogger by passion. I am a daughter/sister/friend and a logophile at heart for my love for words. I was introduced to the world of writing by my mother. 

About me - This Ecstatic Soul Writes

I hold a bachelor degree in Marketing and Masters degree in MBA from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. I have worked in an FMCG Industry as an Operations Manager. Being a fitness enthusiast, I chose to commence a fitness studio as an aerobics instructor in my native city. And now I am working with my dad. I am a full time business person and a part time blogger.

My writing journey started with a gift from my mom, and it was a diary that she gifted me back in my college days, since then I developed a liking for writing and gradually I became very ardent about penning down my thoughts and views in my diary. After reading a poem that I wrote for her, she motivated me to share my words with the world. 

My mom is my inspiration behind starting my blogging journey and I'm still a learner who likes to read books, listen to motivational stories on podcast and I also enjoy watching inspirational videos.

Writing is something that makes me euphoric and content. It introduces me to a whole new world where I can spend hours with myself and my thoughts. A part of me has always known that this is something I have always been wanting to do. So, here I am! Namaste to you all and a heartfelt welcome to all of you. I hope you all would love to become a part of my journey and celebrate the magic of words with me in my cosmos of words.

This will be a journey from ME to YOU! 



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